Only cars and light trucks and vans are allowed inside.  
No boxes or campers or scaffolding on top of trucks allowed.
You cannot haul in other transportation that is not allowed, such
as golf carts and scooters.

On days where infield parking is free, you can purchase your
General Admission tickets as you drive in.  Have your cash

There is a parking lot for motorcycles to park near Gate 2
which is on 16th Street.

Some people not only park in Turn 3, they spend the whole
day there.  They tailgate, cook and sit along the grassy
viewing hills.
Carb Day and Race Day are heavy traffic days.

"They" recommended that you leave by 8 a.m. on Race
Day so that you can get parked and get to your seat
in time for all the pre-race festivities.

The gates open at 6 a.m. for you early birds.  

As you may imagine, arriving very early or very late allows you to
miss the brunt of the traffic.

The race starts at noon local time (Eastern Daylight Savings

Other days in May, traffic isn't too much of an issue, so leave an
hour before the first event you want to see.
Traffic is not nearly as heavy as the Indy 500 and I don't worry
about big traffic delays and leave when I feel like it.
INDY 500
You must drive through a tunnel under the track to get
into the infield.

Motorcycles must enter at the south end at Gate 2.

If you do not like to get up early and hate getting stuck in
traffic, show up right before the race is to start.

If you are caught in standstill traffic and are several miles
away from Speedway, I recommend turning around and
try alternate routes.

Make sure you have plenty of gasoline in case you get
caught in bad traffic.

Use the restroom before you leave for the track.

Pack a little cooler with some cold drinks and snacks
that you leave in your car for after the race.  Sometimes
it's a life saver, especially if you get caught in traffic!

Be in your seat in time for the pre-race ceremonies!

You will especially not want to miss the start of the 500!  
It is awesome!  After the show of patriotism, you'll see
the 33-car field driving by in 3-wide formation.
I guarantee that when they roar away on that 1st lap, you
will get goose bumps. Some people cry.

If someone drops you off at the track for the Indy 500, do
not expect them to pick you up as all the lanes are
changed to one-way streets heading away from the track.

Some people park so far away, I can't believe it!
Do not worry about parking when you first see people
walking along with their coolers - they don't know what
they're doing!  A good rule of thumb is not to think about
parking until you can actually see the speedway!  
Those extra miles of walking carrying heavy coolers will
wear you out.  And remember, you've got to walk back
there at the end of the day!
Crowds streaming out of Speedway
Traffic leaving is worse than arriving because everyone
tries to leave at once, while everyone entering is
scattered from 6 a.m. until noon.

After the Indy 500, the police turn many roads into ONE
WAY streets to help get everyone out of Speedway and
onto the interstates as fast as possible.

If not familiar with the area, have a GPS in case the
police make you go a different direction than you had

If you don't mind missing the end of the race, you can
leave early to try and get a jump on traffic.

You can also hang out for a couple hours until traffic
dissipitates.  You can walk around looking at souvenir
shops, tailgate, etc.

If you wait around for about 2 hours, you can cruise
right out with little traffic.  I laugh at the people who park
in the infield and then try to leave right after the race,
but just end up burning gas for an hour and going no

And last, but not least...


Make sure everyone in your party remembers in case
you get separated.  Also make sure they have their cell
phones with them.
Fans streaming out onto Georgetown Rd
You can park at the airport and take a shuttle bus to the track.  
I have a separate web page about that:

Shuttles To The Speedway
There is parking in the infield for cars and motorcycles.

On some practice days during racing events, it is free.

On busier days, such as Race Day and Carb Day, you must pay,
usually in advance, as parking sells out quickly.  So plan ahead.

If you are visiting IMS during other times of the year, such as to
visit the Hall of Fame Museum, parking is free in the museum
parking lot.  Enter off of 16th Street.
Infield Parking, 1925

parking is located in the south infield.
Motorcycles must use Gate 2 to enter.

Bicycles - Beginning in 2016, bicycles are allowed to
enter the track.  

Cyclists cannot enter through pedestrian gates, but
must enter through auto gates 2,4,7 or 10.  They are not
allowed to ride their bikes through the tunnels, instead
must walk their bikes in the pedestrian area of the tunnels.

There are bicycle racks within the IMS for bicycle parking.
Cyclists can also participate in
Bike to the 500 and can
find additional bicycle parking along Main Street in the
Town of Speedway. Cyclists should bring their own locks
to secure their bikes. IMS is not responsible for stolen

IMS supports you riding to the track on your bike, but they
do not want you riding around in the infield on it.
Thousands of people park in the yards of Speedway

Almost every house lets you park.

You will see people holding signs with their price.  
Prices normally range from $10-$30 depending on how
close they are to the track.

They will park so many cars in their yard that it is possible
to get blocked in so that you will have to wait for people to
return and move their car.  This rarely seems to be an issue,
but beware.

My recommendation is to try and park where you are on or
close to a major road so that you can pull right out into traffic
that is moving.  One time I got stuck in a neighborhood for an
hour or two.

I suggest not parking at the first place you find.  Instead get as
close to the track as you can.  I go really late to the Indy 500 and I
always find a very close spot

Roller blades
Hover boards
Scooters / Mopeds
Golf carts
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has many parking lots, both inside the track and outside the track.
Sometimes, some of these lots are free to use, other times, parking passes must be purchased in advance.

There are some area businesses that have parking lots that you can pay to park in on race day.

Also, many area residents allow race fans to park in their yards on race day for a fee, usually $10-$40,
depending upon how close they are to the track.

Where should you park?  Probably in a lot that is close to where you will be sitting.

To buy Parking Passes from the speedway, visit the
IMS Parking Web Site

Or, visit or call the
 4790 W. 16th St.
 Indianapolis, IN, 46222
 Telephone: (800) 822-4639
 Local Telephone: (317) 492-6700
Where to Park When Going to the Races
You probably will not be able to drive out of the infield for an
hour or two after the Indy 500.  This is due to the traffic and
pedestrian situation outside the track.

If you are attending a big concert in the infield, you might
appreciate your car being nearby.

If you are spending all day at the track AND you are bringing
your own food and beverages, if you park in the infield, you
can always return to your car to refill your cooler and supplies.

There are people movers and pedi-cabs running on busy
days that go back and forth along the main road (Hulman
Blvd)   I recommend using them as the speedway is so
large you can get worn out from all the walking.  

Also, there are some golf carts used by the staff to help the
elderly and handicap get back and forth and some can carry
a wheelchair.
The blue areas on the map below show the infield parking available to the general public during
the Indy 500.  While the big blue section (Turn 3 Infield) is often open for parking, the circled areas
are only available on Indy 500 race day.
Vehicle Tunnels to the Infield
GATE 2 - The South Side car entrance is directly on 16th street.  
You can only enter from the west-bound lanes on race day!

GATE 7 - The West Side vehicle entrance is directly on Georgetown Road.
Often only cars with a specific parking pass may enter here.

GATE 10 - The North Side entrance is accessed off of 30th street.
Once turning in from 30th, you must travel along a long 6-lane driveway to get into the track.
On days other than the Indy 500, parking shouldn't be a big problem.


-  Buy a parking pass outside of the track from IMS that is closest to where you will be sitting.  
They sell out quick.  Buy your parking pass when you purchase your race ticket if you can.  
If the only parking available is far away from your seats, or you want to save money, then park in
someone's yard.

-  If parking in someone's yard or some business parking lot, I highly suggest you drive around
until you are close to the track before looking for parking.  I am shocked every year when I see
people parking miles away and lugging their heavy coolers.  Note: The close to the track you
park, the higher the parking price will be.   Also try to park in a yard that is near a major road, as
opposed to the middle of a neighborhood.

-  If you park in the infield, you may not be allowed to leave for several hours due to all the
pedestrian traffic on the streets outside the track.  I find it's a good time to visit the garages
and have a picnic by the car.  Then when I do leave, all the roads are fairly empty of traffic and
I can just cruise on home.

- Buy a parking pass from IMS in advance.

-  You can probably park where you want, paying at the time if needed.

-  Check the IMS web site to see what free parking is available the day you are going.
Parking to the Indy 500 sells out quick.  Buy a parking pass when you buy your tickets and buy them as soon as you can.

To buy Parking Passes from the speedway, visit the
IMS Parking Web Site.

Try to park close to your seats.  The map below is a color-coded guide to choosing a parking lot.
Some local businesses sell parking spaces on race day,
such as:

Dotlich Crane located south of Lot 3 on Polco Street.
For more info call 317-

James A. Allison Elementary School
5240 W. 22nd Street, Indianapolis, IN
50 car parking spots available

Speedway High School
5357 W. 25th Street, Speedway, IN
800 car parking spots available

Speedway Jr. High School
5151 W. 14th Street, Speedway, IN
80 car parking spots available

Speedway Lions Club
26th & Lynhurst, west of Coke Factory
20 acres for parking or camping
No reserve passes -  first come, first serve
I-465 is highway that does a circle around Indianapolis and connects to all of the interstates.
The Speedway is on the west side of the city, inside the I-465 circle.
Most people will use I-465 to get to the track and takes one of these exits west:
(Exit 17)         38th Street                  - You will have to take a right on Moller Road and take that to 30th Street.
(Exit 16A)      Crawfordsville Road  - This road takes you straight to the track.
(Exit 14)        10th Street                   - You will have to turn left when you get to Lynhurst Drive and take that to 16th Street.

If you are sitting toward the south end of the track, use 10th or Crawfordsville to find parking.  
If you are sitting toward the north end of the track, use 38th street.

If not taking I-465, you will need to use 30th Street or 16th Street heading west from downtown.
Traffic is only an issue on Carb Day and Indy 500 Race Day.  
On those days, once you arrive in the area, give yourself a 1/2-hour to get parked,
a 1/2-hour to walk to your seats and 15-minutes to hit the bath room or concession stand.

Obviousy if you've parked really far from your seats or you want to check out things, such
as Gasoline Alley, you need to pad in much more time.

Cars that race on the oval circuit will not race if the track is wet.

It takes 2 hours to dry the track after a hard rain.

This is something to consider if you have not left for the track
and you discover it's raining there.
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