P.F. was there in '63 & '64

First attended Indy in '63 with my dad. Drove down from
Detroit-stayed overnight outside of Indy & then on race day drove
in. My main memory was the end of the race when Parnelli Jones
was leading (leaking oil) and Jimmy Clark in the rear engined
Lotus was catching Jones but had to slow down because of the
oil. I remember seeing the flagman (Fengler, I think) take out the
black flag to wave at Jones, But behind the flagman appeared
Jones' car owner, J.C. Agajanian, and after a few words from
J.C. the flag was put away. Parnelli went on to win the race, of
course. It took my dad and I 4 hours to get out of the infield
parking after the race!

In '64 there was the crash on lap 2--Seemed like the Speedway
only had one firetruck-and several of those manual fire rigs on
two big wheels - It wasn't enough to put out the fire. I remember
one driver in a roadster coming through the fire- spinning 180
degrees and ending up on the inside of the track facing
backwards - His head was down and he appeared unconscious
and his car was on fire. Very shortly he came to-jumped out of
the car just before it was fully engulfed by flames. I didn't attend a
race for 20 years after that one but since '75 I have been back
several times.