Rocker Ronnie Haig relays this story from
his website:

It's May 1955. I get an idea from a friend of mine it would be neat
to sell newspapers at the 500 mile track. So (after getting
permission ) I get up at 4am, go downtown, board a special train,
and we modock toward the track. Upon arriving, we are given a
certain number of papers in exchange for the money I had to pay
for them. I watched the sun come up that morning and as I recall
froze to death, as I watched the cars start their entrance into the
track-all racing to get to their favorite spot to drink - I mean watch
the race that would begin at 11:00. I had never been inside there
before and to tell the truth, the whole thing was a little
overwhelming. Sixteen years hadn't prepared me for some of the
things I was seeing.

After the lengthy pre-race activity,The race was on. Since I had
the freedom of the track, I was bound and determined to go
everywhere I could. It wasn't too long before I sold almost all my
papers. During my last sale -I was making change for this guy
when an announcement came over the loud speaker. I was right!
The firey accident I had just seen from directly accross the track
on the backstretch was in fact Bill Vukavich, my hero. The flames
were terrible,and the smoke drifted accross the track into my
face. I kept wiping my eyes trying to see what was going on. I
could hear everyone yelling, and screaming including Bill.
Someone jumped up on the side of the wall and with a long pole,
reached down into what was left of his Blue Crown spl. They
pulled out a helmet with a hole burnt through on side. The loud
speaker came on again saying we had lost a great race driver
today at Indy. It was then I remembered what Bill had said just
before the race. They were doing an interview with him. No one
had hit 150mph as of yet - and when questioned about it Bill
said: "I'll hit 150mph or die trying" He was clocked on his last lap
at 149.728mph. I'll never forget that. Recently Susie and I were
guests of USAC at the track for qualifications. We went all over
the place and had a great day. We could've gone to the race
itself, but didn't. I have never been back to a race since that day
in May.