The A&A Coffee Shop

I have been going the Indy 500 since 1961. My dad, my uncle
and my cousin and I would all go together for my first ten 500's.
We would leave Crown Point, Indiana at 5:00 AM and always
stop at the A&A Coffee Shop in Lebanon for breakfast and a
pit stop. I always remember my dad ordering a short stack of
pancakes and I of course would want to get what he ordered.

One particular year we left unusually early and arrived in Indy
before daylight and decided to get a little sleep in the car before
going to the track. My dad and uncle slept in the car and my
cousin slept in the trunk with the lid down. I lay down next to the
car in someone's yard. The next thing I know I was rudely
awakened when someone dropped an ice chest on the ground
and cold water splashed in my face! Not a good way to wake up.

I stood up and stretched and by then my dad and uncle were
getting out of the car. My dad unlocked the trunk and my cousin
was still sleeping. There were already many people making
there way toward the track. My cousin, still in the trunk started to
rise like a dead body coming back to life. You should have seen
the look on the faces of some of the people passing by when
they saw him "rise from the dead". We all started to laugh and
talked about that moment for many years.

I still look forward to going to Indy every year just like it is my first
race. I am the only one left of the original four. I love the 500 and
traditions are a big part of going to Indy every year. My wife Beth
goes with me every year now and she realizes how important the
500 is in my life and always will.