Hoosier Hospitality

I've been going to the 500 since I was 9 years old. The 2003
race will be my 28th Indy 500. As a young person I went to the
race with my dad, but he no longer wants to attend.

In 1992 a friend named Bob started going and he's been a
regular ever since. On the eve of the 2000 race I figured we
would head toward Broadripple for some dinner and sight-
seeing ,when Bob suggested a change of pace.  We went to
downtown Indy and ended up at Buca D' Beppo restaurant.
The portions at Buca are quite large and the tables are all very
close to one another.

We started to share our large portion of garlic bread with the
people next to us. We learned that the dozen or so people to
our left were all linked to a couple who lived in Indy. Some were
going to the race and some just came for the fun and the long

The conversation naturally turned to our Raceday plans and how
and where we were watching the race. When the weekend's
hostess (Polly) figured out that Bob and I would not be drinking
heavily she drew us a map to her house on a napkin and invited
us to the post-race party.

When the race was over, we thought,"Why not?" and headed to
the party.  If it didn't go well we would say,"thank you" and leave.  
By the time we left it was 11pm! We really hit it off with our new
friends in Indy and have now added to our Indy traditions.
They've been to my home near Chicago and we all sat together
at the first U.S. Grand Prix. "Don't talk to Strangers" may be
good advice for children but not for adults!

Our friends even have a relative with a racing name! I get to
mingle with Tony Stewart when I go to Indy!