Family Sells Pop for Generations
                       This story comes from Jake.

My family and I worked worked at the Indy track in the fifties and
sixties.  We sold pop corn, hot dogs, sodas... you name it.

My first Indy race was in 1953 and I fell in love with it.  My Dad
was a friend of the Vukovich family and he talked to Billy
Vukovich the day before he was killed, and Billy told him that he
was going to make headlines the next day one way or the other,
and of course he did, as he was killed. My Dad was real down
after that.

Anyway, we went on selling our food and sodas for the next few
years, and even our kids and grandkids after us worked there.  

I left Indy in the sixties for work on the west coast, but I always
had Indy in my heart.  I took my wife to the track on vacation in
1975 and again in 1995 and it really hadn't changed much over
all the years. Yes, the bricks are gone, and the race cars have
changed, but the smell of racing and the atmosphere is the same.