Year Of The Streaker
                                               by MM

I'm surprised that a Google search yields so little about
streakers or nudity at Indy, especially in light of the watershed
event I witnessed.  I went to Indy a lot in those days (pre-IRL)
and my recollection of the year is fuzzy, probably '74 if some of
the other posts are correct. I was there for Pole Day, and this
was when Pole Day, and this was the time when 200,000+
people showed up for Pole Day.

It rained that day.  Then dried.  Then rained.  Then dried.  Not
much was happening on the track.  In the stands, fans
Consumed. The San-O-Sweep truck began to get a big cheer
when it passed,  circulating with the fleet vehicles drying the
track.  The crowd was ready for some action.

The track was almost dry, but not yet open, when a guy climbed
up on the starter stand from the track side and grabbed the
checkers. (I have no idea how he got onto the track.  The
commotion of fans at the starting line was what first got my
attention).  He then loped along the track towards turn one
waving the flag, wearing a big grin, shoes and socks, and
nothing else.   The crowd went wild!  He was....detained...
shortly thereafter, but his performance seemed to spark
something in the snake pit.   This was, after all, the year of the

After another delay due to a short rain shower, one fan climbed
the (rather puny) fence and proceeded to lie on his back,
consume beer, and sunbathe in the nude, just above the white
line in turn one.  He was immediately followed by what must
have been 100 fellows of like mind.   It was a surrealistic sight,
to say the least.  No women, as they seemed to have a little
more sense.

After a short period, track personnel gently shooed the nudies
back into the snake pit, and qualifying resumed.

50,000 people must have seen this.   Maybe they're all old
dudes who don't post, but it's my second most memorable Indy
moment, falling somewhat behind standing right up along the
wall at the exit of Two and watching Jim Clark qualify the Lotus
Ford, with his right side wheels coming within inches of the wall
on every lap...but that's another story.