Dan's Race Journals
July 1, 2006 - Formula One Qualifying
We had planned to show up bright and early to the Speedway on Thursday - a chance to get an
autograph and listen to driver interviews.  I had a late night and E.T. went to a concert in Detroit and
drove through the night to Indy.  Instead of going, we spent the day sleeping and watching Deadwood.

Friday, E.T. wanted to eat downtown at Le Peeps.   I drove and parked on an uncrowded street, filling the
parking meter to it's two hour limit.  After eating some delicious Eggs Benedict, we walked over to
University Park where there are old bronze statues as well as this cool fountain.
The structure in the background of the photo above is the Indiana
World War Memorial.   It is free to enter.  E.T. and I walked all through it
and I recommend you stop in and see it.  There is also a museum in
the basement which covers US wars from the revolution to the present.

After ward we continued north into the Veterans Memorial Plaza which
had this cool granite obelisk and fountain.  

There are a lot of nice buildings, statues, parks and memorials in this

However, our 2-hour parking window was closing fast, so we broke off
the tour and returned to the car.  We were 1 minute late.  I saw the short
meter maid walking away from my car after sticking a $20 ticket on my
windshield.  She must have begun writing it a minute before it expired.

Why is it that bureaucrats are only diligent when they are sticking you
We finally went to the Speedway to see qualifying on Saturday.   The crowd was huge!   Bigger than every
day in May except race day.   We arrived around noon and found both the 16th Street entrance and
Georgetown Rd entrance closed to traffic.  I wanted to park for free, and drove around to the 30th St
entrance.  While many people were already parked in the North 40, they let us park in a packed 3rd Turn
infield.  I had hoped to watch Qualifying from the SE Vista, but by the time we got parked, it was too late.

We watched most of the qualifying from along the infield.
Turn 4
Turn 6
We couldn't see a TV or anything to let us know how qualifying was going, so we watched the last section of
qualifying from the Tower Terrace.   The two Ferraris captured the front row of the grid.
After F1 qualifying ended, we walked over to see the Formula BMW cars.
East of the Speedway Museum is a parking lot where all the F1 teams setup trailers to sell
expensive team-wear.   A buttom down short-sleeved shirt at the Renault shop was $150.  F1
hats sold from $35 to $50, however at the Mercedes booth I was able to buy a very cool hat for
$15.  It is shiny like the McLaren F1 car and says "Kimi" on the side.

There are food stands behind the Turn 10 Terrace.  I paid $7 for a small ribeye sandwich.

During all of that, there was an Indy Pro Series race.  After I ate, we watched the Porsche
Supercup race.
View from the 10 Turn Terrace
This race was the last event of the day.  We hiked back to our car.  It had been a very hot sunny day and we
were tired.  But after sitting in my car with the A/C on, we were revived and we went downtown to see the car

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