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The 75th Indy 500

I think these photos of mine are from 1991, before I had a digital camera. There is obviously a big crowd. I think it is race day, although its possible it is the first day of qualifications (pole day). Anyway, I was living in River Bend apartments in Castleton. I suddenly decided that I was going to go wait in line over night at the speedway, in hope of getting parked in the partying 4th turn.

I drove there by myself and parked along 30th Street, west of Georgetown Road (beside the Coke Lot.) There were of course a lot of people there in line ahead of me, as we were all planning on entering along the 4 lanes leading through the North 40 and into the north entrance of the speedway.

I got there around sundown. All night long, people were partying around their cars and running about and the stereos were playing. A big group of guys crossed 30th Street to a neighborhood and began yanking all the wooden objects they could find out of peoples' yards. They then crossed back to the coke lot and started a big bonfire.

I don't remember if I ever got any sleep that night in the driver's seat of my car. If I did, it was probably for just an hour or two.

These guys were parked behind me and I hung out with them.

Very early the next morning, people pulled out onto the road to get in line.

That traffic light up ahead in the distance is Georgetown Rd. I had probably a mile to go before I was at the track entrance.

This photo was taken while I was in line along the North 40 drive.

I was able to park in the 4th Turn, however I was far from the edge of the track and I wasn't going to be seeing any race cars. I have no photos of any race cars! The guys behind me in line all night parked near me.

I spent some time sitting up on top of their van and took these pictures of the scene to the right..

and the scene in front...

and the scene to the left..

These bikers parked behind my car and this chick got up and stuck her ass out at me, in a friendly way, but by the time I snapped the picture, she was starting to sit down again.

That's all I remember. I imagine I had a big cooler full of Budweiser.

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