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May 1993

These pictures were probably taken on a qualification day or Carburation Day.

We parked in the 4th turn infield and sat on the bleachers erected there. Here is a picture of Johnny in the top of the stands, you can see the partying in the background.

johnny g

Here is our view of the track. As you can see, a lot of people in the NW Vista and Stand J. Its sad that the Speedway doesn't attract crowds like this anymore.

Turn 4

Here is Johnny and myself hanging out by some car.

Johnny and I

This wheelchair guy had a fake ass tacked on the back - Ha!

This was one of the years where the Speedway had erected stands between the 4th Turn party crowd and the track, presumably to block their view of the track. This was among a number of actions meant to reduce the party crowd. Big dirt hills were put in once. Sending in weekend warrior cops looking to arrest and harrass everyone was the worst.

Nowadays, a party is encouraged on Carb Day when the Speedway began hosting free rock concerts.

car hat

abused pig

This chick was partying by us. She was really a hottie.

yum yum yum

Q95's Jimmy 'Mad Dog" Matus was trolling around

Mad Dog

Suddenly he got swamped with people...


Johnny tried hitting on the hottie, but he got shot down.

shot down

This wig-wearing dude stood out at Indy. He might have fit in better in San Francisco.
crazy guy

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