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May 28, 1999 - Carburation Day

Due to the weather, I skipped Quals this year.

Carb Day was a beautiful sunny day though.

Two friends and my sister went with me. We arrived about 10 a.m. Traffic was not bad, unlike last year. We tried to enter in the west entrance, but it was closed, so we parked right across Georgetown in someone's yard for $10.

We sat at the top of the NorthWest Vista. We arrived at our seats just as cars were starting to come out and get warmed up for practice.

They have already began paving the F1 track in the 4th turn. The NorthWest Vista is going to be the best place to watch that race. I took some pictures, click HERE to go see 3 shots of that area.

After practice was over, we went walking through the garage area with our garage passes. Here are a couple of pictures from it:

car in garage

car getting pushed through garage area

Someone's Panoz parked by a garage.

Afterward we walked over by the tent area and people were having a lot of fun. As I walked through there, I suddenly passed the Mayor of Indianapolis, Steven Goldsmith. I blurted out "Hey there's Mayor Goldsmith" and he stopped and turned around and shook my hand. Didn't think to get a picture...

Party time

After that, we walked over by the tower area. There was a lot of people milling about. All the partiers that used to hang out in turn four didn't know where to go! So, the next thing you know, gangs of men were trying to get some girls to flash them right there in the middle of everything. That was interesting. There were a lot of beautiful girls out today and I took some pictures of them... 99 Carb Day Girls This page has about a dozen photos and so will take a few minutes to load.

There was a country music concert later that day, but we left.



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