My 1999 Indy 500 Journal


May 21, 1999 - Practice

As I awoke to a beautiful morning, I decided it was time to take a vacation day! Yeah, my grass was really tall, the house a mess and there was that new Star Wars movie out. What should I do? Fortunately, I first talked to my good friend BW. He was meeting some friends in Speedway and then going to the speedway. He explained to me that I needed to "go with the flow" and worry about grass some other day.

I agreed soon enough. We met at this girl's house who lives a few blocks from the track. Her street had a lot of cool homes and most had 500 decorations up like it was Christmas. I had a little Wild Turkey to help celebrate the holiday.

We entered off of Georgetown Road, walked under the track and sat in the tower terrace. People were also sitting up in the North West Vista.

It was sunny and hot and the cars were flying.

Jeff Ward under umbrella as car zooms bye

Speeds were up today. Greg Ray hit 227 mile per hour!

After sitting for awhile and eating lunch, we all headed over to Fan Fest. I passed this big army dude around Gasoline Alley..(a guy in an inflatable suit)


This years 500 Parade has about a hundred Congressional Medal of Honor recipients coming. There have been over 3000 in this century. There are only a few hundred of these heroes left in the world.

I thought this little cart was cute... Beep beep

Umm, I really don't have any excuse...

I found that the viewing hill in the 2nd turn are all still up!! They still don't want you bringing alcolhol on them though. Joy enjoyed the hills as she and Mary rolled down them.

Here we all are, (except for me, I'm taking the picture). You can see the new tower under construction in the background.
Carla, Patrick, Bryan, Mary, Joy, BW

As we left for the day, I passed these pop machines. Tony Stewart has already made it to the big time.... Jeff Gordon better look out.



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