I went out to the speedway a few times in 1999 to check on the construction of the new road course and tower, in anticipation of the Formula One race that is coming.

May 16
I've been back and seen the giant outdoor tv's in operation.
They are excellent! You can see them clearly from far away.

I also was over toward the 2nd turn, behind the museum, and snapped this shot where they've began laying some pavement for the new roadcourse. turn 2

May 1st 1999

Gasoline Alley
They tore down the concrete stands that were here. They will eventually erect F1 style pitside garages here.
For now, they are erecting temporary stands.

Turn 4 Construction :

turn 4

They are making progress putting together the new giant televisions that are scattered around the track:
bigscreen tv

April 23 1999

new tower going up

Here is what it is going to look like:
Proposed tower

Turn 2 Construction:

Here is the Turn 2 construction...not much to see...
turn 2

Turn 4 Pictures - Taken from the NW Vista in late May, good view of new track.

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