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Wednesday, March 10th - Getting an Early Start!

I swung by the track today after an appointment, hoping to see how construction is progressing on the new infield road course, the new F1-style garages, the new tower, and the temporary stands. Its below 30 degrees outside, there are 5 inches of frozen snow on the ground. Sunglasses are needed. The sun reflecting off the snow is blinding. So I wonder if anyone is working on it today.

I got off I-465 on Crawfordsville Road. When I was about a half mile away from the intersection [Georgetown & 16th Street), I could see the new tower and a big crane beside it. The new tower is going to appear like a japanese pagoda - like the original tower. Right now, though, there are just two big rectanular concrete structures standing there. These appear to be elevator shafts. (Pictures further down)

The old speedway sign was removed some time ago. Now the Speedway's ticket office resides there. They have also erected a new sign.

New Sign

I turned left on 16th and entered the track from its south entrance. This is the entrance that is open year round, the entrance close to the museum.

But I wasn't going to the museum today. I just wanted to see what I could see. I asked a guard if I could drive around the place and of course the answer was no.

Well the cool thing is, the speedway gives bus tours around the track all of the time. I asked him about that and he points out that the track is covered in snow. The busses aren't running this week.

I decide I might as well check out the gift shop while I was there and I found some good deals. New '99 merchandise arrives this time of year and the items that have '98 written on them are marked down in price. The Speedway sells quality items, and have a large variety of souvenirs. I bought a big $40 coffee-table book for $20 and a $40 golf-shirt with Indy 500 logo for $25.

Yikes, I quickly spent almost $100.

I will go back soon, after the snow melts. I will take some pictures and post them here for you!

April 1st - Well the snow melted and the weather improved, but my cameras are all broke!! I must get another soon!! But do I get a digital camera this time?

April 7 - I went with the digital still camera. I chose the Sony MVC-FD81 because it writes to floppy disk and also records 1-minute mpg's.

Hi! Today is Friday April 23rd and its the first chance I've had to get to the Speedway. It was an overcast sky with wind and low clouds.

Up by the museum, they give bus rides around the track.
tour busses
I paid my $3 and got to see how the construction is coming. I have pictures on my
F1 Construction Page

They are working on the 2nd turn. All dirt and its flat.

There are large dirt hills in the 4th turn. I thought at first this meant elevation changes for the new track. However, some excavation friends tell me that is not the case with these dirt hills.

They are beginning to erect the temporary stands over in the tower terrace area by Gasoline Alley.

After my bus ride, I paid another $3 for entrance into the museum. This museum is awesome with a large number of race cars on display. They get a ton of visitors from all over the world every day.

I stopped by the giftshop again and dropped $140. I gotta stay out of there!

Well, I reckon I'll get back to the track by May 15th.

Surprise. I went back on May 1st. It is Saturday and the sun is shining and it is 70 degrees. I took more pictures and put them on the F1 Construction Page.

Here is the view from within the Speedway's tour bus:
bus ride
Now, I guess I'll be back on opening day - May 15th

See ya then!

The End

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