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I got up about 8am, but by the time we left for the
track, it was already 10:30; we were going to miss
the Porsche race again. It was cold and cloudy and
the weathermen said we would have scattered
showers. They were right this time.
I made a big mistake, parking in
the coke lot, off of 30th street.
They charged me $20 and made
me park all the way in the back.
E.T. and I had a big walk. As we
walked along Georgetown Road,
directly across the street from the
track, we saw $20 parking
available. Doh!
Formula One
U.S. Grand Prix
Sunday - September 28, 2003
I finally found a Renault hat in the souvenir
stands that line the road, but it was $25 and
the "Mild Seven" was blacked out. I found
some shirts too, but they were too expensive
We made our way up to our seats in the
first row of the Paddock Penthouse. The
grid girls marched down the track, holding
up flags of the drivers' countries. Behind
them were people with American flags and
flags making a large checkered flag. The
Purdue band played out on the track.
Some Jazz musicians played for a while
from the award pedestal. The Indianapolis
Children's Choir sang "America".
I was sitting across from the pits.
Soon the pit crews brought out tires
and gear. As the time for the start
neared, we suddenly began to get
hailed on!! Everyone was amazed. It
stopped after a few minutes, then we
got a little rain.
Then the drivers began to arrive on the grid.
After Michael arrived on the grid,
he got out of his car took off his
helmet and waved to the fans.
The track conditions changed a lot on
this cold 55 degree day. We had
sprinkles, and rain. The sun came out
and we had a dry track. It made for an
interesting race!
Michael leaving the pits.
After Michael Schumacher won the race,
he gave this victory salute.
What an awesome race!!
The Ferrari fans rushed the fence.
Victory Celebration!
After the race was over, the pit crews
began to break things down quickly.
The cars who had stopped on the
course, were brought back to the pits.
While Indycars are towed back to
the pits, the Formula One cars are
hoisted and placed on a flat bed
Ferrari tried to cover up their car to prevent
the prying eyes of the competition of getting
any more looks at their car!
Soon after the race ended, it began to rain
pretty hard. E.T. and I stuck under the
Penthouse roof waiting for it to end. Some
yellow shirt official herded us down to the
end and out, by which time it had stopped
On the way out to the car, we came across
some guys who were grilling and watching
the Nascar race on a tv in the back of their
SUV. We stopped and watched with them.
We saw a pretty amazing crash, where Elliot
Sadler got air under the front of his car and
he went sailing into the air, flipping and
crashing. I guess he was ok. The guys
shared their food with us which was cool.