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Indy 500 - Carb Day Concert
Stone Temple Pilots
Friday May 23rd 2008
Koz drove all the way here from Detroit only to go to Carb Day.  Unfortunately it rained the
entire day and the Indy Lights race was postponed.  The Pit Stop Competition was cancelled and
the IndyCar drivers did not get to practice much.  ET also drove down from Michigan, but he is
staying for the race.  Michie also came over as she was to be our designated driver.   We ended
up spending the afternoon at my house, watching the weather channel.  Since the concert was
rain or shine, we drove to the track in time to catch the show.  We parked north of 16th street
for $10.  There were a lot of people leaving as we entered - some required a helping hand to
walk, as they were obviously intoxicated.

They moved the stage this year to an area inside the road course, north of the museum.
Koz bought a turkey leg.  After he ate it, we began working our way closer to the
stage.  There was tv monitor to the right of the stage.
Michie stood on my cooler and snapped photos with my old Olympus camera.
This guy stood by the big screen the whole concert holding a tear-gas gun!  Was I in
Indianapolis or Gaza?  

Besides lots of girls lifting their shirts, there was some slam dancing going on, which I
found out is actually pretty fun.  It didn't last long and no one got hurt.  There was also an
illegal Ultimate Fighting ring going on back in the crowd and some guys were definitely
getting hurt there.
STP totally rocked and also came back for an encore.  The rain let up once.  It was one of
the best Carb Day concerts ever!  Some people complained about certain statements STP
was making to the crowd about settling down, such as "Remember, there are some kids
here."  What about the tear gas guy?  

I had a cookout party planned at my house for after the concert and needed to get going.  
But ET took off without his cellphone and disappeared for an hour while Koz, Michie and I
waited at the car for him to show up.  My house was locked up, so people were showing up
and waiting on us.   Oh well, its not the first time.
This STP suit is what the pit crew
wore back in the 70's for Andy
Granatelli's team.