Instructions to post a Ticket For Sale Ad on the Ticket Bulletin Board :

1.   E-mail the following information to
Selling Tips:

The sooner you list your tickets, the more likely they are to sell.  

Lowering the price should be considered for average seats within two weeks of the race.
(Average seats d
o not include the Penthouse and Deck.

To Cancel Ad:

If you kept my email, simply reply to it and say "

Otherwise, E-mail me telling me your Ad# and what kind of ad it was.   

2.   I will e-mail you to tell you what your AD NUMBER is.  Use that to cancel your ad.

3.  A
$5 donation is suggested if you sell your tickets. Just click on the Paypal button below.
a)  # of Tickets
b)  Grandstand Name (eg. NW Vista, Paddock, Penthouse E)
c)  Section or Box #
d)  Row letter
e)  Sell Price
f)  Shipping Cost
g)  any extra Passes

h)  Description optional charges both the seller and the buyer.

In the 2015 example below,  The seller tries to sell his
ticket for face value of $186.  StubHub only pays him
$167 while charging the buyer $227.  

StubHub makes $60.47 off the transaction!
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PLACE A TICKET AD charges the seller a small listing fee from
$1-$10 to post a ticket ad, with the option of paying
additional fees for a better ad.

If they sell, eBay charges the seller a commission fee,
based on the price the tickets sold for including S&H.

As of 2021, their commission fee is 10.2%.
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