NDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — 2017 will go down as the deadliest year on record in the Circle City. Indianapolis
Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) investigated 175 homicides as of December 28th, out of those, 152
have been deemed “criminal.”

The murders happened all across the city. According to an IMPD report released in early December, the City’s
northeast district saw the highest percentage of murders:

3% Downtown
14% Northwest
12% Southwest
17% Southeast
23% North
32% Northeast

In most of these murders, the victim died by gunshot.

That same December IMPD report found that in 71-percent of murders, police did not know the relationship
between the suspect and the victim, and the motive behind the violence has never been discovered.

Four-percent of victims were killed by strangers, six-percent by family member or someone they lived with, and
about one in five times the victim was killed by a friend or acquaintance.

These devastating crimes have left families and loved ones without answers for months on end, hoping that some
day there would be a break in the case.

Regarding unsolved murders, “It has become more difficult to get people to cooperate,” said IMPD Detective
Tom Lehn in an interview in October 2017, “there used to be lines in the sand that weren’t cross when children
were hurt, teenagers were hurt, or women were hurt or killed and that was something people were willing to
talk about—and these days you don’t get that at all.”

As fall of 2017 rolled around, officials reported a 43-percent clearance rate for criminal homicides, meaning in
less than half of the cases, detectives knew who did it even if they couldn’t necessarily charge the killer. By that
same period, prosecutors reported a 75-percent conviction rate against murder suspects for murder or a lesser
felony charge.

As of December 10, 2017, IMPD recorded 9 juvenile victims and eight suspects under the age of 18. Local
officials are still gathering figures to add in end-of-year arrests and charges filed.
There were 155 murders in Indianapolis in 2017, which was a new record.  That comes out to a murder every 2 days and 7 hours.

News about murders is scattered throughout media outlets.  Sometimes murders are unsolved, or it takes a long time for the killer to be found.
Consequently, no one ever seems to really understand or know any details, just the total number killed at the end of the year.

This page is an attempt to bring accurate and complete information about murders in a years time in this medium-sized midwestern city.
1/3/17 0:00        D'Asia Turentine            5        Black        Female    Firearm       Accidental      Arrest        Accidental     4000 block of Newburgh Drive                     Article
1/3/17 1:00        Wesam Sammour              34        Arabic       Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Robbery        9100 block of East 21st Street                   Article
1/3/17 1:00        Ammar Shatnawi             36        Arabic       Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Robbery        9100 block of East 21st Street        
1/3/17 15:00       Gillium Levy               38        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        1100 block of Jefferson Avenue                   
1/7/17 12:00       Jordan N. King             25        White        Female    Blunt Force   Accidental      Arrest        Accidental     1300 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St      Article
1/10/17 0:00       Joseph Capps               23        White        Male      Blunt Force   Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        400 block of Lick Creek Boulevard                Article
1/22/17 6:39       Lamont Findley        1 month        White        Male      Neglect       Homicide        Arrest        Neglect        3500 block of Evergreen Avenue                   Article
1/23/17 2:30       Miraeya Arciga             23        Hispanic     Female    Stabbing      Homicide        Arrest        Argument       2500 block of East Riverside Drive               Article
1/25/17 19:52      Tiffany Greer              27        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Cleared       Domestic       3000 block of West Morris Street                 Article
1/27/17 0:00       LaVerta Bass               87        Black        Female    Blunt Force   Homicide        Arrest        Domestic       4500 block of North Winthrop Avenue        
1/28/17 23:00      Rondre Bullock             23        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   300 block of South State Avenue                  
1/29/17 3:00       Wilbur Morton              31        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       100 block of East Market Street                  Article
1/30/17 15:30      Eric Imani Jordan          19        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   3000 block of Bavarian East Drive                Article
1/30/17 19:30      Anthony Lee Hughes Jr.     14        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Robbery        3200 block of West 16th Street                   Article
2/2/17 20:00       Jacob Arnett               20        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          1900 block of South Union Street                 Article
2/5/17 13:00       Brandon Thomas             31        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3000 block of Forest Manor Avenue                Article
2/9/17 14:12       Brealon Green              26        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        8100 block of East 37th Street                   Article
2/13/17 11:30      Jenny Boltinghouse         30        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2800 block of Harding Street                     Article
2/14/17 18:30      Antonio Frierson Jr.       16        Black        Male      Firearm       Accidental      Arrest        Accidental     3600 block of Glen Arm Road                      Article
2/15/17 10:30      John Jones                 28        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Argument       2300 block of North Dearborn Street              Article
2/18/17 12:30      Jose Santos Garcia-Lopez   35        Hispanic     Male      Stabbing      Homicide        Arrest        Argument       10300 block of Wingate Boulevard                 Article
2/18/17 18:00      Unknown                    Unknown   Unknown      Unknown   Unknown                                                    8600 block of West 82nd Street                   Article
2/24/17 7:00       Candice Pigee              26        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Revenge        800 block of North Rural Street                  Article
2/26/17 8:30       Anton Craig                22        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Drugs          2200 block of North Spencer Avenue               Article
2/26/17 18:30      Montel Ligon               17        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3100 block of East 10th Street                   Article
3/6/17 2:55        James Sapp                 54        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          2100 block of North Riley Avenue        
3/6/17 23:50       Levi Walker                20        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Robbery        3200 block of South Keystone Avenue              
3/27/17 12:00      Stefanie Coulson           37        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Domestic       3700 block of E Pleasant Run Parkway N Dr        Article
3/27/17 23:40      Unknown                    45        White        Female    Firearm       Unknown                                      5300 block of North Keystone Avenue        
3/29/17 20:00      Lance Washington           21        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       4600 block of East Pleasant Run Parkway          
3/31/17 0:00       Derris Mack                31        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Argument       900 block of South Pershing Avenue               Article
3/31/17 11:30      Vincent Lanking            32        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Domestic       6800 block of East 21st Street                   Article
4/3/17 21:00       Lonneisha Wellington       23        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        4000 block of Meadows Drive                      Article
4/6/17 0:00        Brandon Miller             29        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       3500 block of North Richardt Avenue              Article
4/6/17 0:00        Phillip McBrady            65        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       3500 block of North Richardt Avenue              Article
4/7/17 7:30        Terrance Hill              28        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       4200 block of Lake Park Boulevard                Article
4/9/17 19:00       Roberta Luten              24        Black        Female    Firearm       Accidental      Cleared       Accidental     2300 block of North Raceway Road                 Article
4/10/17 8:30       Sema J. Jordan             15        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        900 block of West 35th Street                    Article
4/11/17 18:28      Unknown                    58        Black        Male      Unknown       Unknown                                      3700 block of Baltimore Avenue                   Article
4/13/17 15:30      Patricia Goodall           33        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3500 block of North Capitol Avenue               Article
4/13/17 22:03      Lawrence Barnes            18        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       3500 block of North Shadeland Avenue             Article
4/13/17 23:49      Unknown                    45        White        Female    Unknown       Unknown                                      2900 block of Valiant Drive        
4/15/17 4:00       Randall Patrick            47        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Robbery        1600 block of Bates Street                       
4/17/17 13:44      Unknown                    30        Black        Male      Unknown       Unknown                                      3300 block of East 79th Street        
4/17/17 15:00      Jimmy McKinley             39        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          2800 block of Brookside Avenue                   
4/20/17 22:00      Darrell Miller II          30        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          1600 block of Villa Avenue                       Article
4/20/17 22:00      James Clark                31        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          1600 block of Villa Avenue                       Article
4/22/17 0:00       Rodney Lewis               66        Black        Male      Blunt Force   Homicide        Arrest        Fight          2400 block of North Webster Avenue        
4/28/17 23:45      Aaron Ivy                  38        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3200 block of North Tacoma Avenue                
4/29/17 4:00       Maurice Martinez           38        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        1700 block of Portage Court                      Article
4/30/17 23:00      Jesse Sims                 51        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3200 block of Clifton Street                     Article
5/2/17 11:50       Kobi Walden                31        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1400 block of Weber Drive                        Article
5/4/17 9:15        Brittany McNew             18        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          3400 block of West Michigan Street               Article
5/4/17 18:00       Deaires Grant              21        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        7800 block of Penobscot Drive                    Article
5/5/17 17:34       Joseph Goodin              32        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       5900 block of Bertha Street                      Article
5/6/17 0:00        Angel Mejia-Alfaro         17        Hispanic     Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Drugs          5600 block of West 38th Street                   Article
5/6/17 0:00        Dijon Anderson             18        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5600 block of West 38th Street                   Article
5/7/17 8:00        Martel Thomas              34        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1000 block of North Rural Street                 Article
5/9/17 17:00       Brandon Alexander          30        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        6000 block of East 34th Street                   Article
5/11/17 3:30       Kristen Brown              24        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Domestic       1400 block of Hamilton Avenue                    Article
5/13/17 22:00      Trymaine Lewis             37        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        1700 block of Roosevelt Avenue                   Article
5/14/17 18:15      Keith Banks                31        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   3800 block of West Michigan Street               Article
5/20/17 3:00       Oluwadayomi Epenusi        66        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        6000 block of Beachview Drive                    Article
5/20/17 19:00      Zickey Self                21        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2100 block of West Washington Street             Article
5/30/17 1:30       Damon Young                39        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3100 block of Clifton Street                     Article
6/1/17 10:00       Jessica Carte              34        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1800 block of Forsythia Drive                    Article
6/1/17 10:00       Keith Higgins              34        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1800 block of Forsythia Drive                    Article
6/1/17 10:00       Mark Higgins               64        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1800 block of Forsythia Drive                    Article
6/4/17 1:30        Fairely Griffie            19        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       5600 block of Whitcomb Court                     Article
6/5/17 0:52        Christopher Curry          28        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          1400 block of Ridgeview                          Article
6/6/17 2:00        Derrick Johnson Jr.        18        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   7600 block of Wickfield Drive                    Article
6/7/17 13:30       Michael Hawkins            19        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   2900 bock of White Knight Boulevard              Article
6/8/17 4:00        Sunu Mujahid               43        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   1000 block of North Rural Street                 Article
6/11/17 0:00       Erin Mills                 34        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Robbery        7200 block of Creekbrook Drive                   Article
6/20/17 12:00      Angie Barlow               23        White        Female    Unknown       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5300 block of East 43rd Street                   Article
6/21/17 8:00       Derek Foree                30        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        6600 block of Hollow Run Drive                   Article
6/22/17 13:00      Tanya Ragsdale             40        White        Female    Unknown       Unknown                                      1800 block of Cruft Street                       Article
6/26/17 22:00      Mykah Jackson               9        Black        Male      Firearm       Accidental      Arrest        Accidental     7100 block of Warrior Trail                      Article
6/28/17 0:26       Johnny Dudley              36        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3100 block of Broadway Street        
6/28/17 14:00      Brian Hamilton             37        White        Male      Unknown       Unknown                                      200 block of North White River Parkway Drive     
6/29/17 1:45       Aaron Bailey               45        Black        Male      Firearm       Police Shooting Cleared       Police Shoot   2300 block of Aqueduct Street                    Article      
6/29/17 23:00      Dante Nichols              34        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2000 block of Moray Court West                   
7/3/17 17:45       Frederick Reed Sr.         55        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3300 block of Ralston Avenue                     Article
7/4/17 0:00        Abdul Cross                15        Black        Male      Unknown       Homicide        Unsolved      Argument       600 block of Beachway Drive                      Article
7/4/17 7:00        Leroy Ruffin               57        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1500 block of Jefferson Avenue                   Article
7/6/17 18:00       Dyani Saunders             24        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   200 block of West 38th Street                    Article
7/9/17 3:30        Jasmine Moore              28        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1600 block of West Tremont Street                Article
7/9/17 5:00        Jerry A. Etheridge         53        White        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   600 block of Luett Avenue                        Article
7/12/17 11:30      Mark Secrest Jr.           25        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Drugs          2900 block of North Caroline Avenue              Article
7/12/17 11:30      John Easley                27        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Drugs          2900 block of North Caroline Avenue              Article
7/12/17 20:00      Reggie Taylor              35        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   1100 block of North Medford Avenue               Article
7/13/17 13:20      Deandre Hill               27        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2900 block of North Gladstone Avenue             Article
7/16/17 18:00      Justin Crowder             19        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        7800 block of Somerset Bay                       Article
7/16/17 18:00      Dominique Miller           25        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        7800 block of Somerset Bay                       Article
7/16/17 18:00      Jordan Wright              25        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        7800 block of Somerset Bay                       Article
7/27/17 0:00       Aaron Allan                38        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        6600 block of South Madison Avenue               Article
7/30/17 3:45       Erodney Davis              35        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2100 block of Shelburne Drive                    Article
7/30/17 4:00       Timothy Womack             27        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5600 block of Abercromby Circle        
7/30/17 22:18      Wilson Hernandez           35        Hispanic     Male      Stabbing      Homicide        Arrest        Argument       4600 block of Glastonbury Court                  
8/2/17 16:20       Tyson E. Herring           23        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       3100 block of North Keystone Avenue              Article
8/11/17 18:00      Karrington Stallings       28        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        6400 block of Park Central Drive West            Article
8/12/17 2:00       Timothy Magness            52        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        10000 block of Hawkins Court                     Article
8/13/17 11:16      Donte Marlin               39        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4300 block of North Sheridan Avenue        
8/14/17 2:00       Lamar T. Mumm              41        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4600 block of East Pleasant Run Parkway          
8/20/17 4:00       Jason Hendershot           44        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2300 block of Hoyt Avenue                        Article
8/21/17 21:45      Samuel Ghebremichael       30        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Argument       3800 block of North Emerson Avenue               Article
8/21/17 23:00      Andre Simms                19        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        10000 block of East 42nd Street                  Article
8/24/17 18:00      Timothy Dennis             38        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3300 block of Station Street                     Article
8/27/17 4:30       Michael Scott              43        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3400 block of West Vermont Street                Article
8/28/17 0:00       Sheryl Brethauer           73        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Cleared       Murder-Suicide 1400 block of East Brunswick Avenue              Article
8/29/17 23:30      Joshua Lutrell             15        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        3900 block of South Ewing Street                 Article
8/30/17 12:15      Clarence Smith             33        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1000 block of West 29th Street                   Article
9/7/17 20:05       Andrew Schwier             26        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Robbery        2000 block of Sweet Blossom Lane                 Article
9/7/17 22:30       Walter Timmons             78        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        9000 block of East 38th Street                   Article
9/9/17 21:00       Geordyn Owens              18        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4100 block of Vinewood Avenue                    Article
9/9/17 22:00       Matthew McGee              13        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        6000 block of East 82nd Street                   Article
9/10/17 21:30      Jonte Williams             18        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        6400 block of Mission Terrace                    Article
9/10/17 21:30      Daquan Procter             23        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        6400 block of Mission Terrace                    Article
9/15/17 0:35       Santos Garcia              41        Hispanic     Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2600 block of East Riverside Drive               Article
9/15/17 1:00       Percy Walker               34        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   5700 block of Wiebeck Court                      Article
9/17/17 19:00      Deante Williams            18        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        3400 block of North Hawthorne L                  Article
9/20/17 5:00       Terrance Fields            35        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4000 block of North Tacoma Avenue                Article
9/20/17 12:00      Phyllis Anderson           64        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Domestic       6000 block of East 21st Street                   Article
9/20/17 17:30      Keith Williams             40        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        4000 block of East 10th Street                   Article
9/21/17 3:00       Johnny Woods               34        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        300 block of South Meridian Street               Article
9/24/17 2:45       Terrian Dawson             29        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        6400 block of West Washington Street             Article
9/25/17 7:30       Phillisa Ealy              35        Black        Female    Unknown       Unknown                                      3100 block of Concord Court                      Article
9/27/17 22:00      JoAnn Highwood             52        White        Female    Unknown       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5600 block of Dollar Forge Drive                 Article
9/29/17 19:00      James Butler               20        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        500 block of West 28th Street                    Article
9/30/17 0:00       Aliyah Igartua             21        Black        Female    Unknown       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       1600 block of North Goodlet Avenue               Article
9/30/17 0:00       Martina Webb               24        Black        Female    Unknown       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       1600 block of North Goodlet Avenue               Article
9/30/17 18:00      Kirk Shurill               38        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       1800 block of East 23rd Street                   Article
9/30/17 21:00      Christopher Bowman         21        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2400 block of Dawson Street                      Article
10/1/17 4:15       Eugene Dobbins             15        Black        Male      Firearm       Accidental      Cleared       Accidental     1800 block of Routiers Avenue                    Article
10/7/17 22:00      Jason McNeal               25        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3500 block of Dunbarry Road                      Article
10/7/17 22:00      Linda Douglas              73        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Cleared       Murder-Suicide 5600 block of East 16th Street                   Article
10/9/17 6:00       Kawuan Bluitt              34        Black        Male      Firearm       Accidental      Cleared       Accidental     6000 block of Le Havre Drive                     Article
10/11/17 22:15     John D. Echols Jr.         51        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       5000 block of East 40th Street                   Article
10/12/17 10:30     Philly Joe Alexander       36        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        1000 block of North Rural Street                 Article
10/13/17 7:00      Carina Rodriguez           23        Hispanic     Female    Stabbing      Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        300 block of West 9th Street                     Article
10/14/17 0:30      Kevin Rainey               15        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3600 block of Tiffany Drive                      Article
10/14/17 18:00     Christopher Bradley        30        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        700 block of Olin Avenue                         Article
10/15/17 3:30      Lavante Birdsong           20        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   3000 block of Bavarian West Drive                Article
10/16/17 17:50     John Beasley Jr.           28        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        3500 block of Star Magnolia Place                Article
10/17/17 1:00      Dallis Coleman Sr.         64        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        5200 block of Daniel Drive                       Article
10/17/17 18:30     Donald Patterson Jr.       25        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4100 block of East 34th Street                   Article
10/20/17 20:15     Carlos Castro              43        Hispanic     Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        4200 block of South East Street                  Article
10/20/17 21:30     Anthony Bailey Jr.         33        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        100 block of South Catherwood Avenue             Article
10/24/17 23:00     Kevin Luther               31        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3400 block of East 38th Street                   Article
10/29/17 0:30      Aaron Martin               18        White        Male      Firearm       Accidental      Cleared       Accidental     8000 block of Wildwood Farms Drive        
10/30/17 1:20      Veronica Hayes             45        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1500 block of South Goodlet Avenue               
11/3/17 16:00      Catherine Dunaway          51        Black        Female    Stabbing      Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          3400 block of North Meridian Street              Article
11/3/17 23:00      Jason Doan                 45        White        Male      Arson         Homicide        Arrest        Arson          7200 block of Highland Road                      Article
11/3/17 23:30      Robert Aynes               55        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5900 block of Devington Road                     Article
11/4/17 0:00       Nemesio Garcia             39        Hispanic     Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5100 block of Radnor Road        
11/4/17 1:00       Adrian Turner              40        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3500 block of North Mission Drive                
11/4/17 6:00       Tarial Moncrief            30        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1600 block of Nelson Avenue                      Article
11/5/17 19:30      Marvin Turner              45        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3300 block of North Sherman Drive                Article
11/9/17 19:30      Sharan Shepherd            36        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5700 block of Port Au Prince                     Article
11/10/17 20:00     Kent Edwards               25        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        8100 block of East 37th Place                    Article
11/10/17 23:50     Stephen Deputy             47        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4100 block of Continental Court                  Article
11/12/17 22:00     Megan Holt                 31        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1300 block of South Reisner Street               Article
11/13/17 0:30      Trevon Harris              26        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3400 block of North Keystone Avenue              Article
11/13/17 0:30      Toshika Boler              32        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        3400 block of North Keystone Avenue              Article
11/15/17 8:15      Kaylin Cole                21        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Domestic       1300 block of South Senate Avenue                Article
11/17/17 0:30      Tasha Chantell Allen       34        Black        Female    Strangulation Homicide        Arrest        Domestic       1100 block of West 35th Street                   Article
11/18/17 1:00      Stephen Brockmann          73        White        Male      Unknown       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        9400 block of Barr Drive                         Article
11/19/17 5:00      Eric Hoffman               21        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       1800 block of Cottage Avenue                     Article
11/19/17 5:00      William Koenig III         32        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Argument       1800 block of Cottage Avenue                     Article
11/20/17 13:00     Kevin Rodgers              61        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Robbery        7500 block of Ballinshire South                  Article
11/21/17 13:00     Jared Steven Dowell        21        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Drugs          9500 block of Shoreland Lane                     Article
11/21/17 20:00     Cory Miller                28        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        6000 block of East 21st Street                   Article
11/22/17 11:30     Daveion Thompson           16        Black        Male      Firearm       Self-Defense    Cleared       Self-Defense   3500 block of East 39th Street                   Article
11/23/17 23:30     Jerry D. Phillips          23        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4100 block of Shady Oaks Drive                   Article
11/24/17 17:30     Meredith Opel              20        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Cleared       Domestic       4500 block of Stone Mill Drive                   Article
11/24/17 17:30     Mallory Jackson            27        White        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Cleared       Domestic       4500 block of Stone Mill Drive                   Article
12/4/17 22:30      Brianna Coleman            27        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        2800 block of Anna Lane                          Article
12/5/17 1:00       James Thornton             52        Black        Male      Blunt Force   Homicide        Unsolved      Robbery        300 block of North Mickley Avenue                Article
12/6/17 13:00      Thomas Raymer              55        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1400 block of South Knox Street                  Article
12/11/17 22:20     Ryan Brown                 21        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        7100 block of Kingswood Court                    Article
12/18/17 0:30      Walter Benyon              25        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5300 block of Butler Terrace                     Article
12/20/17 17:30     Albert Ford                50        Black        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Arrest        Unknown        4100 block of Newburgh Drive                     Article
12/23/17 5:00      Isiah Harris               26        Black        Male      Unknown       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        4900 block of East 35th Street                   Article
12/30/17 10:30     Omar Rosa                  57        White        Male      Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        1500 block of Goldenrod Drive                    Article
12/31/17 5:00      Raven Mayes                35        Black        Female    Firearm       Homicide        Unsolved      Unknown        5300 block of Acorn Lane                         Article
DATE                       NAME                                  AGE           RACE             SEX          TOOL              PURPOSE     DISPOSITION      MOTIVE           ADDRESS                                                                    NEWS URL
Location of 2017 Indianapolis Homocides
Nearly 40,000 People Died From Guns in U.S. Last Year,
Highest in 50 Years

By Sarah Mervosh
Dec. 18, 2018

More people died from firearm injuries in the United States last year than in any other year
since at least 1968, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and

There were 39,773 gun deaths in 2017, up by more than 1,000 from the year before.
Nearly two-thirds were suicides. It was the largest yearly total on record in the C.D.C.’s
electronic database, which goes back 50 years, and reflects the sheer number of lives lost.

When adjusted for population size, the rate of gun deaths in 2017 also increased slightly to
12 deaths for every 100,000 people, up from 11.8 per 100,000 in 2016. By this measure,
last year had the highest rate of firearm deaths since the mid-1990s, the data showed.

It was the third consecutive year that the rate of firearm deaths rose in the United States,
after remaining relatively steady throughout the 2000s and the first part of this decade.

“It is significant that after a period of relative stability, now the rates are rising again,” Bob
Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch at the C.D.C.’s National Center for Health
Statistics, said in a phone interview.

While there are signs that the movement to prevent gun violence gained momentum this year —
state legislatures passed a surge of new gun control laws, gun control groups outspent the
National Rifle Association in the midterm election cycle and the medical community recently
took on the N.R.A. over an assertion that doctors should “stay in their lane” on gun policy —
the findings underscore that even after such efforts ramped up after the Sandy Hook
Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., in 2012, gun violence continued its dizzying
assault on America.

Suicides have historically made up most deaths by firearm in the United States, research shows.

In 2017, about 60 percent of gun deaths were suicides, while about 37 percent were homicides,
according to an analysis of the C.D.C. data by the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence,
a public health think tank. (The group is a sister organization of the Coalition to Stop Gun
Violence, an advocacy group that works to oppose the N.R.A.)

Suicide over all has been on the rise for more than a decade and is the 10th leading cause of
death in the United States, according to the health statistics center. But researchers say firearm
homicide has ticked upward recently and also helps explain the rise in gun deaths since 2015.