March 16 - Dunlap was on a blind date at Acapolco Joe's located at 365 N. Illinois St.  
His stolen credit card was declined for his $40 bill and he took off.  
The owner of the restaurant, Redmond, pursued him outside and the man beat him
severely until he was in critical condition.
Victim: Grant C. Redmond, 57.  Court documents say he's
having difficulty talking and putting together cognitive thoughts
after having part of his skull removed to relieve pressure.
Assailant: Maurice Marcel Dunlap, 40, was apprehended and faces two counts
of aggravated battery, one count of theft an one count of attempted fraud.  
Dunlap has amassed more than 25 convictions over the past 20 years, records
show, for crimes including battery on a public safety official, theft, forgery and

In another pending case, prosecutors say Dunlap attacked a 69-year-old man
and stole his cash, credit cards and phone on March 6. Dunlap beat the man and
stabbed him with a barbecue fork in a home in the 3300 block of North Meridian
Street, records say. The victim in this attack suffered bloody lips, swollen eyes,
puncture wounds on his chest, a collapsed lung and other injuries.
Assaults do not get much press, often only if it's extraordinary or involves a well known individual.  
None the less, here are a few that I found in the local news.

I saw a report from 2015 where Indy police reported 6,497 aggravated assaults that year.  
(Aggravated mean a stronger form of assault, usually using a deadly weapon.)
April 9 - A man with a knife attacked a group of people hanging out in the grassy mall outside Central Library after they asked him to stop
playing a siren on a bullhorn. The man immediately pulled out a knife and tried to stab two of the women, coming within inches of the stomach
of a pregnant woman.  Four men in their group leapt to their defense and three were injured, two seriously.  Octavia Hicks said the three
injured men were her cousins and one was seriously hurt when he was stabbed and slashed in the stomach. Her other two cousins, she said,
were stabbed in their arms.  A fourth man held Madison to await police.  The suspect also accidentally stabbed himself during the fight, and
appeared unhinged.
James Anderson, Jr., 26
Edward Lee Atkins, 26
Johnny Gilson, 46

Taylor George was one of the women attacked by Madison
Gary Madison, 57, Indianapolis, was preliminarily charged with three felony counts of
battery by means of a deadly weapon
July 4 - A man robbed a LaQuinta Inn near 25th Street and Post Road at about 11:45pm.  The man ran into the hotel, hit the 72-year-old
female clerk in the face and ran off with the cash register drawer.  He jumped into a get away car, a yellow Chevy Cobalt.  The two men
were apprehended at a Marathon gas station at 42nd Street and Post Road soon after.
The two robbers.  
Police wonder if these two are responsible for recent robberies in the area.
01-01        Moussa Niang, 24, a IMPD Recruit Officer is accused of choking, beating, and pointing a gun at a man during an off-duty altercation over $30.
01-14        Mother of two critical after being shot by stray bullet
01-15        27 y/o Man shot at police during a traffic stop, causing a SWAT situation
01-16        15 y/o boy arrested for shooting a gas station clerk severqal times in an armed robbery
01-24        2 teens facing charges after shots are fired at undercover officer on east side
02-01        35-year-old arrested after allegedly assaulting, robbing man at Fishers home
02-12        33 y/o woman stabbed in neck by 49 y/o Man on near west side
02-28        Uber driver shot during late night road rage incident on Indy’s north side
03-10        A man and woman were shot on near-west side, woman in critical condition
03-20        Woman hospitalized after gunshots were fired into her east side home
04-01        Man in critical condition after north side double shooting - a woman was shot in the hand
04-14        2 critical after 5 shot throughout Indianapolis:        9:40 pm - 22 y/o male shot on North side
                                                11:05 pm - 36 y/o male shot on NW side
                                                12:05 am - 18 y/o female shot at party on SE side                                        
                                                 1:30 am  - 20 y/o man was shot 3 times inside his car on the NW side
                   2:00 am - 22 y/o white man, Jon Spurlock randomly shot in head at college party on the West side. Critical Condition. Police seeking black man in wheelchair.
04-20        17 y/o teen critically injured in northeast-side shooting Friday night
05-02        21 y/o man shot twiceMan shot, person of interest sought after ‘gun battle’ on near north side
05-05        40 y/o woman mysteriously shot at Artsgarden downtown
05-06        Man shot by brother at house near Sycamore School in Indianapolis, in critical condition
05-07        IMPD arrests two men following shooting that left Indy man paralyzed on west side
05-19        Four Shot, One Killed Within Three Hours               3 pm  - man shot to death in car on NE side
                                                 3:25 pm - two people shot outside gas station on west side
                                                 5:30 pm - victim shot on north side in critical condition
05-25        Person shot on north side in stable condition
06-18        Man in his 40s shot on north side in critical condition.  Another person was shot and killed in a separate shooting.
06-25        Man in 30s shot on 20th floor of downtown Embassy Suites in serious condition, not cooperating with police questions.
07-03        3 vehicles struck by gunfire on interstate
07-05        19 y/o man shot at bus station downtown in critical condition
07-05        Teenager Shot on Indy's East Side, In Critical Condition
07-09        2 people hurt in south-side shooting
07-11        7 shootings in less than 12 hours during violent night in Indianapolis        3;30 am - A person walked into Eskenazi Hospital with a gunshot wound
                                                                                   2:30 am - 25 y/o Man on near-NE side in argument with man in car, who ends up shooting him. He died.
                                                                                   1:00 am - On far east side, one person shot in arm and another shot in leg
                                                                                   1:00 am - Man on near east side shot from behind
                                                                                   6:00 pm - Man shot and killed on north side
                                                                                   6:30 pm - man was shot on the west side
07-16        One person was shot and another person was stabbed after a domestic incident on the northeast side
07-19        Shooting in Rally’s drive-thru leaves male in critical condition on north side
07-19        Shots fired into southeast-side home, 4-year-old injured
07-20        Man in 50s outside his house on near west side seriously injured in shooting
07-23        Person shot on east side around same time as a fatal shooting two block away
07-23        11-year-old boy wounded in shooting at birthday party on west side
07-25        Bullets fly into IFD headquarters downtown and fitness studio in shooting that injured three people
08-03        Near northeast side shooting leaves 2 in critical condition
08-03        13-year-old accidentally shot in cheek by another child with  a semi-automatic firearm inside a home on east side
08-05        2 shot, 1 critical, in west side liquor store shootout
08-12        Homeowner shot during east-side robbery
08-18        15 y/o boy shot while sleeping in apparent drive-by on east side
08-18        Man in critical condition following concert shooting.  He later died.
08-20        Man critically injured after getting shot in stomach on Indy’s near east side
08-23        1 shot, 1 hit by vehicle in bizarre incident on north side
08-23        Woman with child in car, shot at gas station on east side
08-24        Police search for shooter after gunfight erupts in east side parking lot
08-29        52 y/o Man robbed and shot on north side
09-02        Juvenile shot on Indy's east side
09-05        19-year-old shot in both arms and buttocks in house with children inside struck by flurry of gunfire in Lawrence. Shots were also fired into a residence nearby.
09-10        2 in hospital after west side shooting, several cars also shot
09-11        Person shot in Speedway gentlemen's club parking lot
09-14        62-year-old man in critical condition after early morning shooting  - He died Sept 26.
09-25        2 teens committed violent armed robbery of elderly couple in their home
10-01        9 people shot over weekend, 3 fatally.
10-02        Man shot on northwest side, in stable condition
10-13        Three teens playing with gun in house, accidentally shot one of themselves.
10-13        Three teens met a black man in his 20s in Castleton parking lot to buy a cell phone.  Black man shot 17 y/o and 18 y/o before they escaped in car.
10-14        Man in critical contition after shooting on Indy's north side.
10-17        Man shot at Scarborough Apts on NW side in stable condition.  Another man was killed.
10-24        19 y/o in critical after being shot near West Lane Shopping Center Michigan & 71st.
10-24        Homeowner shot when he answered his door
10-27        Argument led to shooting of man at Motel 8 on NE side.
11-01        Man shot while walking back from convenience store
11-03        Person shot on Indy's NE side
11-03        Person in critical condition after being shot on North side.
11-03        Woman shot and critically injured in east side bar parking lot - she died a week later.  She was 23.
11-14        Teenage girl critical after shooting in Walmart on NW Side
11-16        Two teens in separate cars Shot while on off ramp of I-65 at Southport Rd
11-17        Clerk at Wireless store shot in arm during attempted robbery
11-20        2 teens shot near Shortridge High School
11-22        Man shot in face in Castleton Apt complex  
11-24        Person shot in Lawerence Apt Complex in critical condition, but stable
11-25        Person shot in leg, stable condition at hospital
11-25        Two people shot, in critical condition
11-27        A male and female were shot while sitting in a car on East Side
12-01        An officer was shot in leg attempting to stop robbery at a IHOP restaurant on the NW side
12-02        Woman shoots wife in back after dispute
12-05        Man shot in leg and pistol-whipped upon arriving home.  Wife then fired gun to scare off criminals.
12-06        2 Young men shot, one in SUV, both in critical condition (18 y/o robber ended up dying.)
12-07        Robber shot by victim in McDonald's Drive-thru lane.
12-10        Police Looking for 2 Hispanic and 1 Black male who shot a 17 y/o 3 times at Walmart
12-18        Man shot in car while making drug deal on NW side.
12-21        Man shot in face while inside SUV outside East side apartments.
12-24        Man Critically Injured in Shooting on I-65 downtown.
12-26        Man Shot in Leg on I-465 at 71st Overpass
12-27        12 y/o Boy Shot on near-east side, in Critical Condition
Man shot at car during road rage incident on I-465 near 56th Street
Apparently the media is not reporting most of these crimes.  
According to an article in the Star on June 26, there had already been
212 non-fatal shootings in Indianapolis while I only found 26
to report at that time.
2018 Non-Fatal Shootings in Indianapolis (that were reported by local news media)
Oct 29 - Police say a man was seriously injured in a hatchet attack on the south side Monday.
The wounded man was attacked somewhere else and drove himself to the parking lot of the Walmart
Supercenter on U.S. 31 just south of Southport Road where witnesses called for help.

Medics took the man to Eskenazi Hospital where he remained Monday in serious but stable condition.
Police investigate robbery, sexual assault during NW Indy home invasion
Oct 30 - A violent home invasion happened at a house in a quiet neighborhood on Moller Road near 56th street.
The home invasion robbery happened shortly after 9 p.m. Sunday. Sources close to the investigation tell
Eyewitness News the suspect attacked a 90-year-old woman and sexually assaulted a 60-year-old woman during
the break-in.
1 teen arrested, another identified in violent armed robbery of Indy elderly couple
October 17, 2018

One of the two teenagers wanted in the armed robbery of an Indianapolis elderly couple has been arrested and the other has been identified.

Police say 16-year-old Micah Pimentel turned himself in on Wednesday and he’s been waived to adult court.

The other suspect, 18-year-old Rahiam Shabazz, has an active warrant out for his arrest.

Detectives believe Pimentel and Shabazz forced their way into the elderly couple’s home in the 1100 block of Nanwich Ct. on Sept. 25.

Once inside, police say the suspects struck the 76-year-old wife in the head before tying her and her husband up. The suspects then fled the
scene in the couple’s silver Jeep, which police say was later recovered.

The wife suffered severe bruising to her arms, neck and face when the crooks repeatedly hit her. Once authorities responded to the home,
she was taken an area hospital in stable condition.

After the crime, police say the teens were spotted using one of the couple’s credit cards at a local Family Dollar.

With Pimentel in custody, police are now asking the public to help them apprehend Shabazz, who should be considered armed and dangerous.
IMPD searching for man accused of breaking woman’s jaw, knocking
another unconscious
Dec 20 -  Indianapolis police are asking the public to help locate a man accused of breaking a woman’s
jaw, knocking another woman unconscious, and leaving a man with numerous minor injuries.

Police say the assaults of the 53-year-old woman, 55-year-old woman and 55-year-old man happened
on Nov. 20 of this year.

Authorities issued a warrant for the suspect, Scott Davis, on Dec. 10 for the charge of battery resulting
in serious bodily injury.
Update: Aug 18, 2018 - Dunlap was sentenced to a total of 34 years and about eight months.
He will spend 24 years and eight months of his sentence at the Department of Correction.
Then he will serve five years on community corrections, followed by a year of probation with five years of suspended time.

Update: Oct 15, 2019 - Redmond has sold the famous restaurant which opened in 1960.
2 men found guilty of kidnapping and torturing an Indianapolis woman in 2018

Oct. 24, 2018 - Police were called to the hospital where a woman was being treated for third-degree burns
over 21% of her body, multiple facial injuries and a lacerated liver.

The woman told police that she had agreed to accept a package for Jones earlier that day. When the package
didn't arrive when expected, Jones accused her of being responsible for its disappearance.

Jones picked the woman up and took her to a residence in the 2800 block of West 29th Street. Jones called
Irving on the way "to tell him to grab tools and chairs and go to the basement."

Jones and Irving then dragged the victim into the basement and handcuffed her to a pole, according to the
release. Both men beat the victim and threw boiling water on her.

The men physically assaulted the victim until she lost consciousness. Jones and Irving then moved her to the
bathroom, forcing her to undress before throwing more scalding hot water on her. They then took her to an
unknown location on the east side where she was able to use someone’s phone to call for help.

Dec 13, 2019 - Quantavious Jones and Irving Madden were convicted of two counts of aggravated battery,
one count of kidnapping for ransom, one count of criminal confinement and one count of kidnapping
resulting in serious injury, all felonies. Both men are scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 6.
Quantavious Jones (left) and Irving Madden
The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
(IMPD) released final non-fatal shooting statistics
for 2018.

2018 Non-fatal shooting incidents: 447
2018 Non-fatal shooting victims: 492