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    Listing Fee Factors

    * Links to Non-profit sites that belong on my site are free. If your site's main focus is on the IRL or you provide a service to Indianapolis visitors, then you belong on my site.

    * If you belong on my site and you are profiting from the link, I may still list it for free. If not, making a donation to this website will likely get you folks the listing that you'd like.

    * Upon which page do you want your ad? Do you want your ad on multiple pages? These things affect price.

    * If you are a competitor of my website, then prices will may be as high as a few hundred dollars. (Ticket Resellers wanting on my front page for example.)

    * For off topic advertisers or entities outside Indiana, prices are still low.

    Just e-mail your information or any questions to Ads@IndySpeedway.com.

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