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I believe these instructions should work with any version of Windows, including the new Windows Vista.  The
reason is, the two programs that are used will be on cd-roms which you will boot to, so the operations will be
independent of Windows.  

You should have all of your files backed up on CD-Rom or DVD-Rom for safety’s sake.  An external USB hard
drive serves as a nice backup method too - plug it in, copy all your data, then unhook it and put it on a shelf for
when you need it.

While some may desire screen prints of this process, you will have to be content with descriptions only in this

This article is going to use the following EXAMPLE:

What I started out with:
1)        I am running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (sp2).
2)        No other operating system, such as Linux, is installed on the computer.
3)        The PC is a Dell OptiPlex GX260 containing a 2.26 gigahertz Pentium 4
4)        My main hard drive is
a)        mounted as device C:
b)        20 Giga-bytes (GB) in Size.
c)        Has only approximately 7 GB of free space left
d)        Contains the Windows software
e)        And is, of course, the hard drive which my PC boots to.
5)        I also have a 2nd 300GB hard drive which is mounted as device D:
6)        I have a 3.5” floppy drive which is mounted as device A:
7)        I have two DVD players in my PC, mounted as devices E: & F:

My GOAL was to replace my 20GB main hard drive with a 160GB hard drive while using all of the disk space for
the C: drive.   I also did not want to re-install the operating system or anything else!  I plan to keep the 300GB
disk in the computer as the slave drive.

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