Sebastian Vettel
Born July 3, 1987
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2007
Lewis Hamilton
Born Jan 7, 1985
Nationality: British
1st Year in F1: 2007
Jenson Button
Born January 19, 1980
Nationality: British
1st Year in F1: 2000
Romain Grosjean
Born in April 17, 1986
Nationality: French
1st Year in F1: 2009
Pastor Maldonado
Born March 9, 1985
Nationality: Venezuelan
1st Year in F1: 2011
Valtteri Bottas
Born August 28, 1989
Nationality: Finnish
1st Year in F1: 2013
Paul di Resta
Born April 16,1986
Nationality: British
1st Year in F1: 2011
Daniel Ricciardo
Born July 1, 1989
Nationality: Australian
1st Year in F1: 2011
Jean-Eric Vergne
Born April 25, 1990
Nationality: French
1st Year in F1: 2012
Team Principal: Christian Horner
Chief Technical Officer: Adrian Newey

Powered by Renault.
2014 Caterham CT04
Team Principal: Cyril Abiteboul
Technical Director: Mark Smith

Powered by Renault.
Team Principal: Frank Williams
Co-founder: Patrick Head
Technical Director: Mike Coughlan
Chief Designer: Ed Wood

Powered by Renault.
Team Principal: Eric Boullier
CEO: Ron Dennis

Powered by Mercedes.
Team Principal:
Technical Director: James Allison

Powered by Renault
Team Principal: Dr. Vijay Mallya

Powered by Mercedes
Team Principal: Franz Tost
Technical Director: Giorgio Ascanelli

Powered by Renault.
Non-Executive Chairman: Niki Lauda
Technical Director: Paddy Lowe

Powered by Mercedes.
Nico Rosberg
Born June 27, 1985
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2006
Charles Pic
Born February 15, 1990
Nationality: French
1st Year in F1: 2012
Team Principal: Stefano Domenicali
Chief Designer: Nikolas Tombazis

Powered by Ferrari.
Fernando Alonso
Born July 29, 1980
Nationality: Spanish
1st Year in F1:
Felipe Massa
Born April 25, 1981
Nationality: Brazilian
1st Year in F1: 2002
2014 Ferrari F14-T
2014 McLaren MP4-29
2014 Lotus E22
2014 Sahara Force India VJM07
2014 Red Bull RB10
2014 Mercedes F1 W05
2013 Williams FW35
2014 Toro Rosso STR9
Team Principal: Peter Sauber
CEO: Monisha Kaltenborn
Chief Desginer: Matt Morris

Powered by Ferrari.
2014 Sauber C33
Nico Hülkenberg
Born August 19, 1987
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2010
Sergio Pérez
Born Jan 26, 1990
Nationality: Mexican
1st Year in F1: 2011
2014 Photos of F1 Drivers & Cars
& Rule Changes
Helpful Links
Each year, every Formula 1 team
introduces their new race cars, liveries

and drivers for the year.  

Included here are pictures to help you
identify the cars and drivers for the
upcoming racing season.

You will also learn about new Formula 1
rules that will affect racing and the design
of the race cars.
Previous F1 Launch Photos:
2014 F1 CARS & DRIVERS  Spotter's Guide
Kimi Räikkönen
Born October 17, 1979
Nationality: Finnish
1st Year in F1: 2001
2014 Marussia MR03
Max Chilton
Born April 21, 1991
Nationality: British
1st Year in F1: 2013
Team Principal: John Booth
CEO: Andy Webb
Sporting Director: Graeme Lowdon

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2014 Formula One Launch Dates:
Jan. 22 - Force India
Jan. 24 - McLaren
Jan. 25 - Ferrari
Jan. 26 - Sauber
Jan. 27 - Toro Rosso
Jan. 28 - Mercedes
Jan. 28 - Red Bull
Jan. 28 - Williams
Jan. 28 - Caterham
TBA - Lotus
TBA - Marussia
Giedo van der Garde
Born April 25, 1985
Nationality: Dutch
1st Year in F1: 2013
Esteban Gutierrez
Born August 5, 1991
Nationality: Mexican
1st Year in F1: 2013
Driver Changes
Mark Webber retired.
Daniel Ricciardo moved from Toro Rosso to Red Bull.
Daniil Kvyat is a new driver for Toro Rosso.
Kimi Raikkonen moved from Lotus to Ferrari.
Felipe Massa moved from Ferrrari to Williams
Pastor Maldonado moved from Williams to Lotus.
Nico Hulkenberg moved from Sauber to Force India.
Kevin Magnussen is a new driver for McLaren.
Sergio Perez moved from McLaren to Force India.
Adrian Sutil moved from Force India to Sauber.
2013 Drivers Not In 2014 Line-up

Mark Webber retired.
Jules Bianchi
Born August 3, 1989
Nationality: French
1st Year in F1: 2013
Adrian Sutil
Born January 11, 1983
Nationality: German
1st Year in F1: 2007
Kevin Magnussen
Born October 5, 1992
Nationality: Danish
1st Year in F1: 2014
Daniil Kvyat
Born April 26, 1994
Nationality: Russian
1st Year in F1: 2014
Car Changes for 2014

This year brings the biggest change to Formula One in nearly a decade as its
normally aspirated, 2.4-liter V8 engines are replaced with 1.6-liter turbocharged
V6s. The new engines' rev limit is reduced to 15,000 rpm from 18,000.

The return of turbochargers is one of the reasons why the power output of these
small engines will come close to the V8s'. Making small but powerful engines
comes at a cost, so expect teams which buy them from manufacturers to pay up
to double the old annual bill of $13 million.

They will also use a greatly enhanced version of a device which F1 cars already
employed: the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS).  KERS converts energy
created under braking into a boost on acceleration. The systems used previously
only derived power from the rear axle, giving a boost of 70 hp for seven seconds
a lap. However, this year the devices will also be driven by heat from the exhaust,
giving a 161-hp boost for 33.3 seconds a lap.

This year a 30-percent increase in efficiency will see cars limited to using around
12 gallons of fuel per race. Previously, the fuel capacity was unlimited but teams
used about 19 gallons per race.

The chassis will be lowered by 100mm to 525mm.  This will have an impact on the
amount of airflow the teams can drive under the front of the car and towards the
rear diffuser.

The front wing will be 75mm shorter on each side which brings the endplate
directly in from the front tire.  As a result, the endplates will be more complex and
twisted to the outside in order to divert the air around the tire better.

The front nose has been lowered by 415mm for safety reasons, to just 135mm
above the floor of the car. It will reduce the danger in incidents of T-boning, when
the nose of one car hits the side of another, by making it less likely that the high
nose of a car can hit a driver. And it will prevent a car from being launched into the
air when it hits the rear wheels of the one in front.

The lower rear beam wing has been removed which prevents teams joining up the
different airstreams over the rear wing and through the car's floor, which will make
rear aerodynamics more critical and reduce overall downforce.

A critical change is the position of the exhaust has been moved. This will end the
'exhaust-blown floors', which have been the defining technology of the last three
years. Using exhaust gases to boost downforce was put to great use by Red Bull
and was one of the central reasons for their domination of recent years.
Mandating a single, central exhaust pipe, which exits above the gearbox, means
the gases can no longer be harnessed in this way.
Kamui Kobayashi
Born September 13, 1986
Nationality: Japanese
1st Year in F1: 2012
Marcus Ericsson
Born September 2, 1990
Nationality: Swedish
1st Year in F1: 2014
Rule Changes for 2014

Double points will be awarded at the
final race in an attempt to prevent
championships being decided early.

The penalty system has been tweaked.
There is a new five-second penalty for
minor offences.  Points will be awarded
on a sliding scale depending on the
misdemeanor. Any driver who racks up
12 points in a calendar year will serve
an automatic race ban.

Drivers will now choose their car number
for their entire career, although number
one is reserved for the reigning world
champion, should he choose to use it.