1935 Indianapolis 500 Photos
I thank Mary Dolan from Minnesota, who sent me these photos.  
Her aunt and uncle, who were from Monmouth IL,  took these photographs.  
Mary says her aunt loved to have fun and lived to be 87 yrs. old!

Each photo was 4" x2.5".  I've enlarged a few up for you.
The original pagoda tower was rebuilt for 1926.   This 2nd tower was used from 1926-1956.
Nowadays workers at the Indy Speedway wear yellow shirts.  In the old days
they wore pith helmets.  This man is beside a pace car - the Ford V-8
We still have marching bands before the race.  In the photo above are bands from
DePauw University and Indiana State behind them.
The race has always been ran on Memorial Day weekend and we always have a
U.S. military presence.  Here we see some army trucks on parade.
One thing you notice a lack of is coolers.  However it looks like someone
brought a shoe box with a string around it.  I wonder what it contained..
Looks like the Pace car zipping by.
A bad wreck in the 4th turn!
Here we can see the fatal wreck of Clay Weatherly being towed away, while cars go by on the track.
On lap 17, Al Gordon also wrecks in Turn 4.  
1935 was a deadly year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Johnny Hannon, a rookie driver,
Stubby Stubblefield, sailed through the Turn 4 wall and was killed along with his riding
mechanic.  On race day, Clay Weatherly crashed through the Turn 4 wall and died of a fractured
skull and crushed chest.  He was driving the same car that killed Hannon!   His Mechanic,
Francis Bradburn, had a broken back.  Bradburn's chances for recovery were extremely slim,
but he made it.   For more information and photos go to my
1935 Fatality Page

Kelly Petillo won the 1935 Indy 500.  Jimmy Dunham, his riding mechanic, looked at these
photos and provided this anecdote of Weatherly's crash in the race (Oct 21, 06):

"The crash knocked out a whole section of 8x4 railing 8 foot long with two post right in front of us
as we were about to pass him when it happened. We ran over it and bounced about two feet in
the air, fortunately all four wheels hit the track at the same time.  A real (believe it or not) Ripley
story.  Both men were killed.  That was the only close encounter we had in the entire race."
1935 Indy 500
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