J Stand
The vertical lines you see in the stands are aisles.  There are two sections or boxes between aisles.
*  Stand J is a good stand for both the Indy 500 and for races on the road course!

For the Indy 500, you see cars going through Turn 4 and racing down the front straight.  
The best place to sit for the Indy 500 is at the north end of the stands.

Road course races run clockwise, the opposite of the Indy 500.
These seats have a view of the cars (or motorcycles) racing up the front straight,
then braking hard for Turn 1.  It also has a view of Turns 2-4 of the road course.
The best place to sit for a road course race is at the south end of these stands.

*  It has no roof.

It has aluminum bleachers with no backrests.

*  The bottom row is A and runs up to LL,
but there is no II.
Views from north end of Stand J
Photos and notes from when I sat in Stand J:

2008 Brickyard 400  ,  2019 Brickyard 400  
2005 Indy 500  
2016 IndyCar Grand Prix  a friend's photos from Stand J
J STAND is in orange
2019 Brickyard 400
2008 Brickyard 400
2019 Brickyard 400
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