Aberdeen Project                            R&B                        Indy                       9-member
Acoustic Rain                                  Rock                        Angola                   Acoustic duo
A Failed Escape                              Punk metal                Logansport
American Cheese                            Cover dance             Indy
Andrew Young
Ann McWilliams                              Singer/songwriter      Indy
Ashworth                                         Rock                                                     Acoustic
Balance                                            Rock
Barbaloot                                         Adult alternative       Bloomington
Beeblebrox                                       Jazz                         B'ton
Benito DiBartoli Band                       Texas Blues.
Beyond Hope                                   Rock                       Southern Indiana
Big Dick and the Penetrators            Classic Rock            Ft Wayne
Bill Lancton                                      Jazz guitar
Bite The Lime                                   Rock                       NW Indiana
Blind Side Band                               Classic Rock/country
Bluestreak Band                               Blues/Classic Rock  Lafayette
Bobby Raikes Apologetic Band        Christian                  Indy
Bondservent                                     Christian rock          Kendallville
Borrowed Time                                Classic Rock           Ft Wayne
Brad Kelsey & Triple Tornado          Blues                       Ft Wayne
Brandycreek                                     Classic Rock           Rochester
Brian Christopher                              Guitarist Singer        Indy
Brimstone                                         Peru                        Hard Rock
Brother                                             Rock covers            Ft Wayne
Carlyn Lindsey & SnakeDoctor         Blues Jazz               Bloomington
Carl Storie                                        70's Pop                                                Was in the Faith Band
Carrie Newcomer                             Singer/songwriter
Cathy Morris                                    Jazz                                                        Electric violin
Chad Rager Groove                          Big band                                                8-9 Piece band
Chamberlain                                      Rock
Charley Kuhl One Man Band            Blues                       Laporte
Chaser Band                                     Hard Rock              Indy
Chester Brown                                  Jam band                 hesterton
Chrissy and Hard Ride Express         Variety                    Indy
Clayton Miller Blues Band                 Blues                       Lafayette                 Family band
Common Ground                              Rock                        Indy                        Has girl singer
Cory Davies                                     Campfire guitarist      Mooresville
Cosmosis                                          Funk Rock               Goshen                  7-piece band
Counter Culture                                Classic Rock            Huntington
Craig Brenner                                    Jazz                         Bloomington           Piano player
Crash 16                                           Rock                        Indy
Chris Shaffer                                     Rock                        Indy                       Was singer for The Why Store
Crosseyed                                        Christian Metal          Kokomo
The Current                                      Pop/rock                  NW Indiana
Cynthia Lane                                     R&B                        Indy                        Jazz singer
Dan Heath                                        Jazz                          Fort Wayne             Jazz singer
Dark House Sweet                                                                                           Acoustic band
Dave Bennett                                     Rock                                                       uitar player from Faith Band
The Day Before Tomorrow                Rock                       Indy
Deboyz Band                                     R&B
Devilsmack                                        Christian Rock         Auburn
Devil To Pay                                      Heavy metal
Dog Talk                                            Reggae, blues          Indy                        Popular
Doris Jean Davis                                 Jazz                         Indy                        Jazz singer
Double Barrel Darrel                          Roots rock
Down Betty                                        Rock, blues
DT Drysdale                                       Blues                       Ft Wayne                 Blues Rock
Duke Tumatoe                                    Blues                       Indy
The Dynamics                                     R&B                                                       8-piece band
DyRrj                                                 Rock                        Indy                        featuring Rockin' Ralph
Eastern Wing Band                             Country                    Indy
The Elect                                            Jam band                  Indy
EMS                                                  Rock/Blues               Huntington
England Brothers                                                                 Bloomington            Acoustic Duo
Eric Lambert                                                                                                      Guitarist
The Fabulous Huckleberries                Rock                        Indy
Face the Music                                    Blues
Failingravity -                                      Christian Alternative
The Fender Benders                           Country                     Vincennes
Fenns Station                                      Rock                         Shelbyville
Fetish                                                 Heavy Metal              Kokomo
Flying Low Trio                                  Blues/Rock                NE Indiana
Flying Toaster                                     Rock                         Indy
Flynnville Train                                   Rootsy country           East Central Indiana
Forever...The Tribute                         Beatles tribute band                                    from era 1962-1966
Forgiven                                            Christian rock              Kendallville
Four Sexes                                         Jazz/pop              keyboards, drums, bass and 2 girl singers - very good!
Four60Five                                        Country                       Indy
4th Normal Form                               Rock/country               Franklin                   kids family band
Freddie Wont Show                           Variety                        Indy                        6-piece band
The Fuglees
Gene Deer                                         Blues                            Indy                        good bluesman
General Philip                                     Hip-hop                      Columbus
Gertie's Ride                                      Country/rock               Montgomery County  cover band
Glass Halo                                         Rock                           Terre Haute
Govenor Davis & Blues Ambassadors  Blues                         Indy
Hard Core Country Band                   Country/S. Rock         Salem
Harsch Reality                                    Texas Blues                 Brown County
Haste the Day                                    Christian hardcore
Henry Lee Summer                            Rock                            Indy                        Had some national hits
Hollywood                                         80's rock                      Indy
HunXXX                                           Rock                            Crawfordsville
Impasse                                             Variety                          Bloomington
Indiana Boys                                      Blue Grass
Indynyl                                               Rock                            Noblesville
Indypolkamotion                                Polka                            Indy
INGSOC                                           Punk                            Warsaw
Ipanema  with Elizabeth Souza            Brazil Jazz                    Indy
Jacob's Well the Band                        Christian/Alternative      Ft Wayne
Jan Aldridge Clark                              Jazz                              Indy                        Harpist
Jennie DeVoe Band                            Soul/blues                                                    Singer
Jeremy Vogt Band                              Indie rock                     Indy
Jesse Slokum
Jimmy Dix Band                                 Rock                             Terre Haute           Eclectic rock w/percussion
Joey-O Band                                     Blues/ Rock
John "Cougar" Mellencamp                Pop Rock                      Bloomington           Really famous   
Johnny Rock Band                             Rock                                                           August 2003 - very good
                                                                                                                       played some Beatles tunes.
John Wilkes Booze                             Rock
Josh Holmes                                       Singer-songwriter          Crown Point
Josh Mahoney                                    Country guitarist/singer
Juggernott                                          Heavy metal                   Terre Haute
Justin Tyme Band                               Southern rock                Lafayette
The Keith Swinney Band                    Country music
Kennedy's Kitchen                             Irish Band                       South Bend
Killing Karma                                                                            Indy                    They rock! (04/10/2004)
Kings Of Denial                                 Rock                               Indy
Lake Effect                                        Blues & Motown             NW Indiana
Lazy Piranha                                      Variety                            Bloomington
Left of Center                                    Southern Rock\Classic Country
Left Turn Clyde                                 Rock                                SE Indiana          Acoustic Duo
Lemon Wheel                                    Dance music                     Indy
Lindsey Ridener                                 Country singer
Little Johnny                                      Blues                                NW Indiana
Living Proof                                       Funk, R&B                      Indy
Lonesome Sound                               Country / Classic Rock    Huntington
The Loose Change                             Blues/Rock                      Ft Wayne
The Lopers                                        Folk music                       Bloomington
Lowlife Socialites                               Jazz/Blues/Fusion             Ft. Wayne
Madeira                                            Surf band                          Indy
Maltese Cross                                   Heavy Metal                    Columbus IN
Mark Robinson Band                        Country music                   Scottsdale
Max Allen and the Jam Band             Blues/ Rock                      Indy
McCormick Sisters                           Country rock.                                              3 Girls from Tennessee
Mean Streak                                     Blues / Classic Rock         Columbus
Meredith Miller                                 Classical guitarist               Richmond
Michael Kelsey                                                                                                    Guitarist
Midnight Velocity                              Hair metal                         Ft Wayne
Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel        Blues
missing score                                     Hard rock                         NW Indiana
Naptones                                          Ska reggae                        Indy
Night Deposit                                    Rock and a sax                 Indy
No Identity                                        Rock                                Peru
Nomad Planets                                  Rock                                Hammond
Nostalgia                                           Rock                                Ft. Wayne.         8-piece band
Not Too Bad Bluegrass Band            Bluegrass
NSM                                                Rock                                 Valpo
Of The Son                                      Christian metal                    Bloomington.
Omission                                          Alternative                          Indy
One Side Later                                 Rock                                  Knightstown       Teens who rock
Orquesta Bravo!                               Salsa                                  Indy
The Palomino Rose Band                  Country rock                      Spencer
Peace Train                                       60's rock                            Central Indiana -  Large band w/ horn
                                                                                                                   section. Great show!
P.J. Otaku                                                                                    ?                         Ukulele player
Plankton                                           Indie                                    Culver, IN
Polka Boys                                       Polka
Punch Judy                                       Covers/Classic hits              Indy
Quartermile                                       Country/rock                      Aurora
Red Asphalt                                      Rock                                  Muncie
Redneck Rubberband                       Country & Oldies                Indy
Renegade                                         Country Rock                      Ft Wayne
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band   Blues
Rich Hardesty
Ridge Runner                                    Country                               Lawrenceburg
Right Hand Happy                            Rock                                   Indy                   garage band
Rockerbox                                       Classic Rock                        Lafayette            03/19/05.
Rockfather                                        Rock                                   Columbus
The Rock Show                                80's Hair Metal                    Bedford
Ro-Sham-Bo                                     Rock                                   Indy
Ruff House                                        Country                               NW Indiana.
Rumor Factor                                    Rock                                   Bloomington
Rusty Bladen
Sarah Scharbrough                            Variety                                                           Piano driven
Sfumato                                            Original Rock                       Indy
The Shakeups                                   indie Pop Rock                     Indy
Shilo                                                 Top 40                                 Northern Indiana - 260-894-3633
Shonda Sue                                      Country singer                       Indy
Silver Buckle Band                           Country Western
The Sidekix Band                             Country                                 Kokomo
650North                                         Hardrock                              Southern Indiana
6 Mile Creek                                    Rock / Alternative
Sketch Machine                                Alternative                            Ft Wayne
Souled Out Band                              Dance music                                                    Horn section
Sound in the Wilderness                    Christian music                      Martinsville
Southbound                                      Country/ Southern Rock        Rushville
Southern Oblivion                             Blues                                     Frankfort           Acoustic
Splitfoot                                           Electric Blues                          NW Indiana
Stay The Hand                                 Progressive Rock                   Indy
Steve Allee                                       Jazz pianist
Stringtown Pickers                           Bluegrass                                Indy
Sunday's Whiskey                            Classic rock                           Indy
Sway Kiss                                                                                     Bloomington       Garage band
SweetGrass                                      Bluegrass                               Bloomington
Takeaway Me                                  Rock                                      Goshen              7 member
Tantrum                                           Techno/dance band                 Indianapolis        4 hot chicks
Tak Sides                                         Skacore band                         Fort Wayne
Tangent                                            Modern Rock                         Indy
Te Kore                                           Blues/rock                                                         Duo
Tenstrip                                           Original rock                            Jasonville
3rd Man                                           Jazz
Thorn 4 Memory                              Hard rock                               Greensburg
Threat Band                                     Rock                                       Ft. Wayne
The Tim Harrington Band
Toby Myers                                                                        Bass player for Roadmaster and John Mellencamp
Tom Martin Band                             Rock
Tommy Wills                                    Swing band and orchestra
The Toxic Shockers                         Punk
Tramp Stamp                                   Punk rock                               Demotte.
Turnstyle                                          Goth
24seven                                           Rock                                                                   Girl singer
Uncle Juju                                        Rock
Unfinished Business                          Original rock                            Warsaw
UpDawg                                          Blues                                        Muncie
Urinal Mints                                     Punk                                         South Bend
Waltz for Venus                               Rock                                        Indy
Whiskey Brothers                            Rock                                        Indy                     2 acoustic guitarists
Woomblies                                      Rock                                        Indy
X-Krush                                          Rock                                       Champaign
Xploya                                            Modern rock                            Goshen
X-Ray Roger Jimmy
Yesterday and Today                       Beatles tribute band.
Zen P.R.                                          Classic rock                             Fishers
Zero Kings                                       Rock                                       Vincennes
Alan Johnson Recording
Lightning Struck Studios
Naptown Reggae                 Info on what's happenin with Reggae in Indy
Indianapolis Music               website featuring local concert pictures, music calendar and more
Live Music Indiana              Booking agent
Donkey Wrestler Records   Independent record label showcasing lesser known bands around Indiana
Flat Earth Records              Based here in Indiana
Indie-Music                        Free musician resources
Gignet                                 Bloomington's local music network
Punk Rock Night                 List of punk shows in Indy and Chicago
Indiana Audio                     CD Mastering and Duplication Studio, in Bloomington
Indiana 45's                         45 records produced by Indiana bands and labels.
Local Bands                        from Indianapolis
Magic Bus                          List of Indiana bands
Musicians Available            Worldwide Data Base - search for musicians in your area or place ad
PowerGig - tool for finding, Booking and promoting gigs.
Rising Star Entertainment     Rehearsal/recording studio
Tell Mama                          NE Indiana bands
Triad Recording                  NW Indiana Recording Studio.
Indianapois Star newspaper music critic:
David Lindquist
307 N. Pennsylvania street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Nuvo alternative paper music dude:
Steve Hammer
811 E. Westfield Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Independent record stores in our area:
Luna Music (317)875-5862
Missing Link (317)466-1967
Indy CD and Vinyl (317)259-1012
Band Advice To Club Goers
The best time to discuss anything with the band in
any meaningful way is at the middle of a song when
all members are singing at the same time, such as a
multi-harmony part. Our hearing is so advanced
that we can pick out your tiny voice from the
megawatt wall of sound blasting all around us.
Musicians are expert lip readers, too. If a musician
does not reply to your question or comment during
a tune, take this personally. Singers have the ability
to sprout a second mouth to talk with you and sing
at the same time. If the singer doesn't, it's because
he is purposely ignoring you; if this happens,
immediately cop an attitude, we love this. When an
entertainer leans over to hear you better, grab his
head and yell directly into his ear, holding his head
so he cannot pull away from you. This is an
invitation to a friendly game of tug of war between
his head and your hands. Disregard any respect for
the musician's hearing.
Musicians are expert mind readers. Only refer to
your requests with the phrase "play my song!" We
have a chip implanted in our heads with an unlimited
database with the favorite tunes of every patron
who ever walked into the bar, so feel free to be
vague; we love the challenge. If we do not
remember exactly what tune you want, it's an
intentional ploy to offend you. Remember,
entertainers live to be offensive; we stay up all night
thinking up ways to do this. We also never get
enough abuse, so any abuse that you add will keep
us in line.
If a band tells you they do not know a song you
want to hear, they either forgot that they knew the
tune or they are lying to you. Try singing a few
words for the band. If one member halfway knows
part of a chorus, the rest of the band will instantly
learn the entire song by osmosis. Knowing this, if
the band still claims to not know your song, just
keep requesting the same song ad nauseum. Never
try to request another tune the band actually knows.
Scream your request from across the room several
times per set followed by the phrases, AW COME
ON! and, YOU SUCK! Exaggerated hand
gestures expressing disapproval from the dance
floor are a big help such as the thumbs down or
your middle finger. Put-downs are the best way to
jog a band's memory. This instantly promotes you
to the status of Personal Friend Of The Band.
If your choice of music is a complete departure
from what the crowd loves and cannot get enough
of, i.e. if they play original Blues, ignore this. Simply
put a lot of money into the tip jar to bolster your
argument. This will circumvent any lack of
knowledge they have about your requested tune.
The more money with which you tip the band, the
more power you'll have to dictate what happens on
stage. Feel free to use your money to bully the
band. Entertainers are notorious fakers, and never
prepare for shows. They simply walk on stage with
no prior thought to what they will do once they
arrive. An entertainer's job is so easy, even a
monkey could do it, so don't let them off the hook.
The band and club's income does not depend upon
numbers of people patronizing the bar; screw them.
Your request is all that matters.
If a metal band had played at the club for the last
few weeks, the next band that follows will
automatically know every metal tune the previous
band played, even if the current band is a blues or
country band. It's the law. Feel free to yell AC/DC
or SLAYER!! to a band that plays strictly originals
or jazz for example. Conversely, Deadheads may
yell for Grateful Dead tunes at a dance or metal
If you inform the band that you are a musician in a
garage band, or singer in a Karaoke bar, be sure to
let them know that you can run rings around them
and they need you in their band. In fact, the sole
reason the band has not exploded onto the charts is
because they do not have you as their big break.
And besides, that old guy singing the blues is just
copying SRV and Clapton, in spite of the fact that
he's 63 years old. Tell the musicians unequivocally
that your mere presence as a member of their band
will save them from the depths of mediocrity, and
assure them of success beyond their wildest
dreams. This works every time.
If the band continues to refuse your repeated
demands to perform with them, stand on the dance
floor and perform with every tune they do. If they
won't let you perform with them, be disruptive. Do
everything you can to be louder than the band.
Nothing asserts your superiority like an out of tune
harmonica or vocalist, or a tambourine played out
of tempo.
For extra credit, use these instruments in tunes that
do not have them in the original recording;
musicians love to play cover tunes with instruments
that do not belong there. They will overlook how
badly you play and will wonder how they have
gotten along all these years without you.
BONUS TIP: As a last resort, wait until the band
takes a break, and then get on stage and start
playing their instruments; even if you are 86'ed, you
have made your point. The band will call you
immediately the following day to offer you a
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