Indiana Sales Tax is 6%
Ticket Scalping is Legal
Alcohol Laws
You must be 21 to buy alcohol.
The legal limit for driving is .08%
You cannot buy carry-out liquor on Sundays or after 3 a.m.
Bars can stay open until 3 a.m.
We have liquor stores everywhere and good prices.
Only liquor stores sell cold beer
State Lottery
Horse Track betting on TV downtown
The nearby towns of Anderson and Shelbyville have horse tracks.
There is riverboat gambling on the rivers surrounding the state. Try down
at Evansville or Lawrencburg or up north by Gary and Chicago.
Links to Indiana Gambling
Hiways & Byways
Simple map of Indianapolis
simple Indy map
On the map, the red lines
indicates the main
interstate highways.

The blue lines represents
the two streets that split
down the center of town,
Meridian and Washington.
Indianapolis is often referred to as the Crossroads of America.
Indy is intersected by more segments of interstate highway than any other
metropolitan area.
More than half of the nation's population lives within a day's drive of
The speed limit on the highways within Indianapolis is 55 MPH.
The speed limit on Interstates outside of the city is 65 MPH.
People usually drive 65-80 MPH on the 55 mph city highways.
Keep it under 70 mph and you shouldn't get ticketed.
Speeding tickets in Indy are going up to $150 on December 2003.
You can turn right on a red light unless its posted that you can't
Beware, the police sometimes patrol in plain cars or SUV's.
Map of Indianapolis Airport Area
You may have someone tell you to meet them at The Circle - the center of the city.
There is a tall civil war monument there, called The Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
Market Street and Meridian street intersect at the circle.
City Size & Demographics
Marion County is 396 Square Miles, making Indy the 12th largest city in the U.S.
Cost of Living index is 96.6
Single family average home price is $136,800
167 Hotels with 22,103 rooms
There is a skywalk and tunnel system downtown
It connects many places, so that you can get around downtown in inclimate weather, indoors! The Circle
Centre Mall, Arts Garden, State House, State Library, the government center, the RCA Dome and
convention center are all connected to the hotels: Marriott, Westin, Hyatt Regency, Omni, Embassy Suites
and Crowne Plaza!
Indianapolis is a relatively clean, safe, uncongested city.
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There is an additional 1% tax at restaurants in the region.
Individuals can buy or sell  tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc.
Good Map of Indianapolis Area
Map of Downtown Indianapolis
The Circle
The brick road is circular around this monument and traffic flows one-way: counter-clockwise.
This area is why one of Indianapolis' nicknames is "The Circle City".
It is occasionally blocked to traffic for various festivals.
The Indiana Symphony's theater is on the circle.
You can go inside the monument when it is open.
Lights are hung up on the monument during Christmas.
Current Region Unemployment (2006) 4.8%
In 1999, the median income was $40,421.
70.5% White
24.2% Black  
3.9% Hispanic
1.3% Asian
53% own
40% rental
9% vacant
(2000 Census)
Hotel Listing
Median Age 33.6
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