Walt has been to every Carb Day since 1981

My story is about Carb Day in 1992.  My friends and I were just
done cruising through the Turn 4 crowd.  We were heading back
to the pits. We were about 30 feet from crossing the road for
Tunnel #7 when we saw a furniture truck approaching the tunnel
to exit the track. Obviously the three guys sitting in the cab of this
truck decided to take a quick trip to the track after making a
delivery. They were a little toasted and forgot they entered the
track via Tunnel #2 which has a 15 or 16 foot clearance to handle
a tractor trailer truck.

Well this guy headed down the tunnel at full speed and peeled
the top of their truck off.  You see tunnel #7 has a 8' or 9'
clearance which is perfect for cars. The truck hit so hard it lifted
it off of its rear wheels momentarily. Anyway, these guys never
got out of the truck and just backed it up to head towards tunnel
#2. Did it without blinking an eye.

I always wondered how they explained that to their boss.