AP Photographer certainly appreciates his view

My first race was in '67. It was a rainout after 20 laps, we came
back the next day for more rain and then on the 3rd day we had
a race. It ended with a last lap crash right in front of us and A.J.
Foyt weaving thru to get the win. I was hooked at the age of 9.

The years rolled by and I attended some races and listened on
the radio to the ones I couldn't get to. I remember the feeling of
hearing the start of the race on the radio and not being there,
since 1986, I haven't missed a race except in '91 when I forgot
to get my ticket order in on time. Since 1994 I have been lucky
to live a dream. I got on with UPI as a photographer. I have been
with AP for the last 3 races.

The thing that I find hardest to describe is the feeling you get,
standing out in turn 3 up against the fence, looking at all those
people and knowing that is just a drop in the bucket compared
to the ones watching at home and listening all over the world.

Back Home Again in Indiana, taps, the flyovers, the balloons go
up. Then the command to start their engines. I get goose bumps
just thinking about it. As the cars roll by for the parade laps and
the pace lap I try to concentrate on my task at hand, to
photograph this great event. The race starts, I hear them as they
approach down the backstretch. I am in focus and ready as I will
ever be. The first cars come thru turn 3, I am still teary eyed and
now shaking. After 2-4 laps I begin to settle in and enjoy the race
and do my job. I just keep thinking, is this great or what?

Words can not describe the feelings, of atmosphere and that
you will get, by attending this event, it is truley awsome. I hope
someday you too, will be able to attend if you never have.

The luckiest guy on earth