Don's been attending the Indy 500 since 1974

My first Indy 500 was to be the '73 race, but after 2 days of rain
my self-employed dad and I went home.  I had been BEGGING
him to take me to the race since I heard the radio broadcast in
1970.  I was 5 in 1970 and he said I could go when I was 8.  
Three years is an eternity when you're 5!!  

In spite of missing the race that year, I did get my coolest Indy
souvenir without seeing the race. My dad and I got to meet Jim
Nabors at the Speedway hotel lobby.  He autographed my ticket
for me and I still have the ticket. This year will mark the 25th time
I'll attend the 500.  I've missed the race twice since 1974.  I still
get just as excited now as when I was 8.