Guy meets Lazier in garage after race

Ive been going to the 500 since '92, and my grandparents have
been going since the '30's.

This year was my favorite experience.  Last year I had my
picture taken with
Jaques Lazier after he missed the show, so
I decided that I was going to get him to autograph it.

Being without a garage pass made things a bit difficult, but I
found a "hole in the fence" and managed to look like I belonged.  
I went to Truscelli Racing's garage but was told Jaques was
meeting with engineers. After several more tries, a nice lady
suggested I try after the race.  Little did I know that this was Mrs.
Truscelli.  I made the most of my time in the morning, and met
almost the entire starting field.

After an enjoyable race, I got back into the garage area. Again,
I was told by Mrs. Truscelli and Mrs. Lazier, that he was busy.  
This time I decided to wait.  After a few minutes, I was taken
inside the closed garage.  I cut in front of all the reporters, and
got to spend a few minutes with Jaques and his wife, who are
really nice people. Jaques said he didn't understand why he
was being blamed for the St. James/Fisher incident, and that
his water bottle broke 5 laps into the race.

This was a wonderful end to a great race, and most drivers are
nicer than you think after 500 miles in the car!  M.S.