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Friday, May 24, 2013
It was around 1 p.m. and we could hear the Indy
Lights race start.  We went and sat in the SE
Vista of Turn 2 to watch this race.

Carlos Munoz, who qualified in the middle of the
front row for the Indy 500, also qualified on the
front row for this race, the Freedom 100.  He was
leading, but three cars were right on his tail.

On the last lap (lap 40) the other cars went to
pass each other and as they headed down the
front straight toward the checkered flag - they
were 4 wide!  It was a photo finish!  The crowd
went wild.  Who has ever seen this before?  
Munoz ended up 4th and rookie Peter Dempsey
I had a small party at my house last night.  Tim, Tony, Lynn,
Holly, DR  and Jerome came over.  E.T. showed up from
Michigan during it!  We partied and jammed,  We got the
guitar and bongos out too.  We had a lot of fun.  The living
room furniture was slept on by others and poor E.T. slept
on the hardwood floor.
Pre-Carb Day Party
Surprisingly, we awoke pretty early and pain free.
When Ron showed up, the three of us headed for the track.  
It was kind of cold out.  
We lucked out and got the last parking spot in the Crane lot south of the track.

As we walked in, we saw a cool Batmobile on 16th Street!
Watching Indy Lights race from low in SE Vista
My friend BW rented a 15-passenger
van to bring his daughter's friends
as she was celebrating her 21st
birthday.  We were able to find them
and hang out with them for the Poison

We stood far in the back and could not
see the band and we could barely hear it.

The band Poison performed today.
We then walked over to the infield Fan Zone.  Chevy
had a big display set up with lots of Corvettes and
Camaros.  Corvette pace cars were on display along
with this year's.  

For the first time, I saw the new 2014 C7 Stingray.  In
fact there was 3 of them.  Very cool.  But I'm not a big
fan of all the vents and was not blown away and luckily,
am still happy with my C6 convertible.  I was kind of
worried that the new Vette would be so much cooler
that I would lose my liking for my Vette.  Nope.
We went to a stage at the back and listened to a
question and answer session with Alex Tagliani and
Bryan Herta.
Q&A with driver Alex Tagliani and car-owner Bryan Herta
Fans try out the 2-seater Indy Car
Fan Zone
We then walked over toward the garages.  

ET said Hi to Mario Andretti as he went by
us in a golf cart.

We saw the winning Indy Lights car.
Baby got back!
Ana Beatriz
There were a lot of old Indy cars lined up
along the F1 garages.
Truly portable portalet
I bought a Bloody Mary.  We wandered on over
toward the Pagoda plaza.  The place was
packed with people.

We walked back to Hulman Blvd and toward the
entrance for the Carb Day concert.  There was
a ton of people.  We hung around outside it and
called our friends, trying to meet up with them.

Some guys pulled a wagon that had a 5-gallon
bucket with a funnel and hose running into it.  
They had erected a round shower curtain around
it.  It was a portable urinal!  How weird.  What
prompts someone to spend their day towing that
These guys behind us were shooting water
balloons through the air with a giant slingshot.  
At one point, the birthday gilr attempted to fire it.
We left a little early to beat the traffic out.

We stopped at the store and bought some food,
including fat rib-eye steaks.  Tim showed up and
helped E.T., Ron and I setup for the cook-out.  

Michie, Mason, D.R., Russ, Jerome, Monica and
Lynn showed up too.
D.R., Mason and Michie went hot tubbing.

We watched the Eastern Finals of the NBA where the Indiana
Pacers beat the Miami Heat in Miami. Yea!  

At midnight, I went to bed, leaving ET, Ron, Lynn and Jerome
playing darts out in the garage until late.  Ron said he was the
last man standing.
Cookout back at my hose for my Carb Day friends
IndyCar video game
Alaina's friends were dressed like her.