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winglets and pieces that stick up on the front wing and front brake ducts.  
The purpose of these and other changes detailed below, is to Remove Downforce and to
Reduce Turbulence for the cars behind, thus making it easier for them to pass.

Brake Ducts:
Winglets are now banned.

Blown Axles are now banned.

Barge Boards:
Lowered 150mm and moved forward 100mm

Front Wing:
Widened by 200mm
moved forward 25mm and raised 25mm
Limiting under-wing strakes to two each side
Deletion of the upper flaps at the outer ends of the wing

Rear Wing:
Raised 50mm to help driver's view.  
Width and depth of wing increased.  
End Plates can no longer have horizontal gills.
End Plate Lights being added (vertical strip lights on each
end of the back of the real wing - to work with taillight)

The DRS opening will be increased from 65mm  to 85mm

Rear View Mirrors:
Repositioned for better rear view visibility and safety

On Board Cameras:
Repositioned for better TV

Halo Fairing:  
Adjusted to ease extraction of a driver
Drivers will now only be allowed to overtake after a safety car period once they have
crossed the start-finish line. Previously they had been allowed to do so at a safety car line.

Teams will now be responsible for initial scrutineering of their cars and must declare that
their cars comply with all safety related matters.

A checkered light panel will be used at the end of the race alongside the traditional flag.

For 2020, the team personnel curfew will increase from eight to nine hours
(diagrams from crash.net)
Front Wing
Rear Wing
New Helmet Requirements

The FIA's new standard for helmets
requires ballistic protection and a
smaller visor opening.

F1 helmet companies are:
Stilo, Bell, Schuberth and Arai.
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