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The Indy 500 began in 1911 and is the oldest, richest, largest,
fastest and most exciting auto race in the world.

In 1994, a second race began to be held at the Speedway -
Brickyard 400. This time the cars were different.  
The popular NASCAR Cup series has been welcomed back

every year since.  Beginning in 2021, the series switched
from racing on the oval to racing on the road course.
This race is called the
200 at the Brickyard.

In 2000, a road course was added to the original oval track
for hosting F1's
U.S. Grand Prix.  After eight years, that race
was replaced by MotoGP's Indianapolis Grand Prix that
feature the world's fastest motorcycle racing!

In 2014,
IndyCar began holding a race on the road course
several weeks before the Indy 500 in May.