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updated May 2017
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If you are new to scanners / headsets / intercoms for taking to the track, I found a
very helpful web site:  Frequency Fan Club.  While they sell the equipment, they
offer lots of tips and info -  

I am looking to get noise-cancelling headphones with an intercom so that I can talk
to my race buddy during the noisy race.  You can get them linked together with a
wire which is fine if you are only using them while you sit together during the race.   
Wireless ones are available, using either FM or Bluetooth, so that you can wander
around, perhaps hundreds of feet apart, and still talk back and forth.  

Also, you can hook in a scanner or AM/FM radio or both, to the system so you can
follow the race.  Many headsets offer a PTT (push to talk) button, which then
interupts the radio broadcast so that you can talk to the other person.
Wireless Fan Link Racing Intercom System Headsets
You can rent scanners at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Racing Electronics has booths set up around the course.
They also offer something called FanVision which gets you video too.