This race features IndyCars racing on the Speedway's road course.

The road course uses part of the oval.  The cars exit the infield part of the road course and
run through the South Short Chute, then they dive back into the south west infield for a
chicane.  The then exit onto the main straight and race down to the first turn which puts
them back into the infield road course.

Many of the items mentioned on the
General Seating Tips Page, apply to the Grand Prix
races too.

Stands H and J are probably the best stands to be in for the grand prix -  You get to see the
cars going their fastest down the main straight, braking hard and diving into the infield at turn 1,
and then maneuvering through the north end of the course.  You are also close to the track.  
NW Vista may provide an even broadeer view of the above, however the cars appear smaller
as you are further away.

The viewing hills are good, but if you don't get a spot at the top of a hill, your stuck trying to sit
at an angle, which means blanket and no lawn chair.  So, bring a blanket or lawn chair to
reserve your spot at the top of a hill.  

My favorite spot to watch the race is the spectator mound in the infield at turn 1.
There are two stands erected in the infield for the IndyCar race.  
They are the Corner 5 Stand and the Corner 7 Stand.  I have sat in both.  
I was surprised that I did not see any passing at corner 5.  I saw passing
and wrecks at corner 7.  I was disappointed also that there was only a
tiny TV monitor available at corner 5 for following the race.

Panaramic photos including views from both stands.
Choosing Seats for
Grand Prix of Indianapolis (IndyCar)
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Indianapolis Grand Prix - IndyCars
View from Turn 7 Stand at 2014 Grand Prix of Indianapolis
Video of start of 2015 Grand Prix of Indianapolis from Turn 5 Stand.