Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do?

I go to Indy every year and meet up with about 15-20 friends that
come together from Chicago, Atlanta, Buffalo and Texas (me).
We always camp out in a yard at the corner of 24th and Mayer.
We usually get the lawn chairs out and watch the circus go by all
Saturday night (even if it rains). We are one block from (the 4th)
turn and the crowd is pretty big and steady flow of traffic.

The 99' year gave us great entertainment. There was a
convertible that kept coming by with two chicks and some
sleezy dude - all drunk. Each time they came by the girls gave
us more of a show. After about 2 hours of this they finally
stopped the car for a few minutes. Both girls got half naked and
the crowd closed in.

I wont go into details but lets just say that the group I was with
decided to back off 'cause a cop would surely have cuffed about
50 people for what was going on in the back seat.

The car left and came back about 30 min later (now its dark).
The car stopped again and the now REALLY drunk 3 in the car
started yelling at a group of girls half a block down the road. I'm
not sure what it was about, but the next thing we knew, the
sleezy-dude goes into his truck and pulls out a bag with what
we assumed was a gun.

The crowd scattered, one of the drunk chicks hops behind the
wheel and floors it in reverse, nearly running over a 50 year old
dude who was fondling her minutes earlier. One of the guys in
our group ran to get a cop.

Minutes later, 3 cruisers pull up. Sleeze-boy runs away, leaving
his 2 ho's to deal with the cops. It turns out that the dude wasn't
packing a gun, but rather a bowling ball (ok - we over- reacted
about the gun!).

One of the cruisers has a crew from the TV show COPS and gets
it (and US) all on tape. He later told us that we would SURELY
have been on TV if only we all hadn't started singing the COPS
theme song when they cuffed the chicks. TOO BAD. True story.