Too Many On Roof

This one dates back from time trials, around 1975 or so. We
used to drive down from Michigan and park in the infield. There
were some younger fellows, probably high school seniors or so.
They had rented a white van and equipped it with lawn chairs,
coolers, cookers, etc. They even had the foresight to bring a
ladder so they could get on top of the van and watch the goings
on. What they didn't think of was how much weight six or seven
of these guys had, especially with the horsing around that was
occurring. We watched as through the course of the day the van
roof slowly became indented. Toward the end of the day, the
roof was collapsed enough that the fellows ( fairly well lubricated
by this time ) were laying on their backs inside the van and
pushing up with their feet trying to restore the roof. All but one,
that is. He sat on the ground and cried. Our assumption was that
it was either in his name or his dad's!