There is a dedicated wheelchair accessible stand located inside
the short chute turn 2.   
See map.

There are many locations around the speedway that are wheel
chair accessible.  See ticket prices below.

There is a maximum of 2 companion seats for each wheelchair
Wheelchair Accessible Seats
IMS will supply those with handicap tickets with a handicap
parking pass.

IMS Credential Office
PO Box 24906
Speedway IN 46224

For further questions, call 1-800-822-4639 or (317) 492-6700.
Handicap Parking
Scooter Rental

Some out-of-town company is currently providing 3-wheel and
4-wheel scooter rentals at the speedway.  For  more
information, see
their web page or call (567) 674-8729.
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Prices for Indy 500
Daily ADA parking is available in the following lots:

Lot 1B

Lot 2

Lot 7 (North 40)

Lot 3 Pavement - Although daily parking is not
permitted on the pavement otherwise; any Lot
3 Grass auto pass accompanied with a state-
issued disabled tag will be granted a disabled
space in the front of the lot, assuming the area
isn't full.

In order to park in the above areas please
ensure you have an authorized state-issued
sticker, placard or license plate along with
the person the pass is issued to.