1909-1910 FACTS
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I created this Web Site twenty years ago.  I would never
have guessed then that I would continue working on it for
this long.  It's been a labor of love and I now would not be
surprised if I work on it for another twenty years.

As my site has expanded, naturally I've added historical
details.  Sometimes a reader disagrees with some minor
point, offers no proof, and I am forced to do further
research to see if I can get to the truth of the matter.

One thing I've learned is that often the information in old
racing magazines, the newspapers and old racing books
disagree with one another.

I have done a lot of research on these new web pages
concerning the 1909-1910 races at the Speedway.

Not only have I read every article about the races in the
local newspapers from 1909 and 1910, I have accessed
other newspapers and  "The Horseless Age" magazines.

Details sometimes vary, such as the spelling of a name.
When I have come across variances in information, I have
strove to choose the most likely correct version.

I think the research I've performed is complete and since
I've done it all at once, it is all currently in my head and I
have a very good grasp on what went on a hundred years
ago.  Therefor I do not want e-mails disputing the infor-
mation on these pages years from now, making me
question myself and wasting my time re-researching.  
(That's one of the problems with 'writing for the internet'
versus 'writing a book' - people would not assume to write
an author of a book and tell them to change it.)

Thanks for understanding.

Dan V - February 2017

P.S. Wikipedia is full of wrong information about these
About These 1909-1910 Web Pages