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Indianapolis 500 POLE DAY
Saturday May 15, 1993
This page was created 8-12-2012
Turn 4 ?
Mario Andretti's final Indy 500 would
be the following year when he would
be age 54.
Here I am in front of Mario's garage.
This is Chuck.   He was a smart and nice
guy.  He gave me a pit pass for this day.  
It was my first pit pass.

Chuck worked for a construction company
who hired my employer as their computer
company.  I was their main programmer.  
They had a baffling little payroll problem
that I never quite figured out.  It was the
only programming problem in my entire
career that I never fixed completely.

Have I mentioned that I am the best
computer programmer in Indiana?   :-)
The Camaro Z-28 was the Pace Car
Emerson Fitipaldi would start the
race on row 3, but would go on to
win the 77th Indy 500.
Mario Andretti talking to Kevin Cogan.

Mario would finish in 5th.
Cogan finished 14th.
This year was the first of two Indy 500's
that Formula One Champion Nigel
Mansell would compete in.  He went on
to finish 3rd in the race.
Here I am sitting on the pit wall near the
pit exit.

Thanks for the pass Chuck!
The Borg-Warner Trophy.

Did you know there was a different
trophy many years ago?
1986 winner Bobby Rahal would get
bumped off the grid by Eddie Cheever
on the last day of qualifying.

Rahal's venture into chassis design
proved a humbling experience as he
missed the big show.