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BTE Singer
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concert crowd
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INDY 500
Carb Day Concert
Thursday - May 23, 2002
After watching action on the track, we moved to the plaza to get
ready to see the concert.

We hung around the plaza near the stage. It was pretty full already,
in anticipation of the concerts to come.

They were jamming some Mellencamp over the speakers.
(John 'Cougar' Mellencamp is an Indiana boy and very popular.)
Here are some people that are
really early, leaning up against the
We hung out there an hour. I watched the
coolers as Brian and Joy went back to the
garages to try and see Little Al. (Al Unser, Jr.
won the Indy 500 on the day their 10 y/o
daughter was born.)
The first band, 9 Day, finally came on
stage around 3:30 and started to play.

The weather was great.
The Coors Light Girls..
"We're heads and shoulders above the rest!"
The race car driver, George
Mack made an appearance to
introduce the band.
We moved up closer to the stage for the next band, 'Better Than Ezra'.

This band is more popular, I even have one of their
The singer for Better than Ezra slipped down into the
crowd on this song.
We drank beer and enjoyed the music.
At the beginning, a couple hot girls, front and center, was
lifted up on a guys shoulders and they exposed their tops
for a few seconds. The cops moved in and arrested them
a minute later though.

I didn't see anyone else get arrested today. The crowd was
once again packed into the area - thousands of people.
The music was good and it was a fun time.
The band asked the crowd for a guitar
player to come up and play a song with

This kid did it and found out what its

like to play for a thousand people.
There was some crowd surfing.
Thats new.
Concert is over, time to go...
When it was over, we went to return our passes to the IRL office in the garages,
but it was after 6pm and they were already closed.

I had to swing by the next morning on my way to work to drop them off.

I always take the day after Carb Day off, except this year as I'm short on vacation days.
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