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The Platypus
Indy 500 ~ Practice Day
Tuesday May 11, 2004
I had to leave work and go to the dentist this
afternoon and since he's over on the west side, I
went to the track afterwards.

It was hot and sunny with few clouds in the sky,
way too hot for this time of year, but there was a
good breeze.
I pulled into the track off of Georgetown
Road and after paying my $5, I was parked
over near the tower terrace. I was glad I
didn't have to park over in Turn 3 for a
change since its a bit of a walk. I need to
always try to come in this entrance!
Most all of the refreshment
stands were closed and I didn't
find a Fosters beer till I was by
the F1 garages. I took my beer
and camera and headed up to
the stands that are above the
F1 garages. The racers thunder
through there at a decible level
where you can't even hear a
person next to you talking. I
called a few buddies on my cell
phone to let them hear the roar!
It was surprising how few race
fans turned out today. The
weather was great! I need to
come to some kind of
arrangement at work where I
can take off in the afternoon on
practice days if the weather is
I got my tickets for the 500 today on eBay!
My friends and I will be sitting in Stand E -
My artistic photo attempt for
the day.
A.J. Foyt IV.
A.J. Foyt, Jr.
Al Unser Jr.
Aldo Andretti, Mario's twin.
Bruno Junqueira
Robbie Buhl looks happier now that
he's in management.
The same goes for Eddie Cheever
Dan Wheldon
Scott Dixon
You have to ask Donald Davidson,
speedway historian, a question to try and
stump him. My question? "Have you ever
been to" No. He
doesn't mess with the net much...
Felipe Giaffone wouldn't be smiling for
long - as he ended the day rubbing the
3rd turn wall with his racer.
Adrian Fernandez
You won't find Helio Castroneves frowning very often.
A fan wanted to check out Bryan
Herta's sunglasses.
Tony Kanaan
Larry Foyt has been running Winston
Cup this year. A.J. has fixed him up
for a ride at Indy in no less than the
old Orange.
Here was Roger Penske chauffering Sam Hornish
Mark Taylor
Vitor Meira
Felipe Giaffone and Curt Cavin (Indy Star reporter)