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Indy 500 - Second Day of Qualifying
Sunday May 13th 2007
Blue skies and sunny weather got temperatures up
to 72° F, after a cool night that dipped into the 40's.

I took my 11 y/o niece to the track today.   We parked
in the 3rd Turn Infield and caught a  tram to the Pagoda.  

We received several free things today - IRL poster,
IRL stickers, DVD of Indy 500 'moments', and a
IndyCar Driver trading card sheet.

Kids were getting pictures painted on their skin,
jumping rope and playing hoola-hoops in the plaza.  
A DJ spun some music from the Coke Stage.  
I showed my niece the Alley Cats
and explained that those guys were
so dangerous, they had to be caged.
What do you get when you combine
old bikers and hip hop?

Beer Belly Bling!
Here is our cute CBS race reporter,
Jeane' Coakley.  

She was sweet and came over to talk
to me.
We explored along the front straight and
watched some qualifying.

We saw Sarah Fisher qualify with a 4-lap
average of 221.960 mph.
We walked over to the museum where we
saw some kids playing in the fountain.

A big display on AJ Foyt was in the parking
lot and included his 1977 Coyote IndyCar.

We went to the gift store and my niece
picked out a Danica shirt and hat and I
picked out a mother's day gift for mom.  

We went to the 3rd Turn grassy hill and had
a picnic and played catch and watched the
cars practice.  We had a good time.  It was
a beautiful day.
2007 Corvette Pace Car