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Indy 500 - Carburation Day Concert featuring Kid Rock
Thursday May 25th 2007
A Michigan buddy drove down yesterday.  
We closed the town down last night and then
played jams and pinball till sunrise.  I had planned
to be up at 8am and some of my friends were
going to meet at my house.    So much for that
idea, as I slept the morning away and slowly got
ready for the track.

We didn't get there till 3:10pm.  We'd missed all
the events except the Kid Rock concert.   We still
had to pay $10 each to get in.

I took a cooler and my camera.  

I could not believe how crowded it was.  The
entire infield around the concert stage was
Carrying the drunk guy
I only saw cops once
We were forced to stand far from the stage.
I'd stand on my cooler and snap photos and look
for my friends.

While it had been hot and sticky, shortly after we
arrived, clouds blew in and kept things

I didn't think we'd find my friends, but ET
spotted them with his super vision.  He says its
because he's a surveyor.  

Anyway, it was cool finding our friends.

Beware, there is some nudity on this page. [Not
any more - IMS Lawyers harrassed me about it.]