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Indianapolis 500 - Race Day
Sunday May 27th 2007
Like last year, and once again this week, for like
4 days in a row, we stayed up really late till almost

The race starts at 1pm and we left my house after
noon.  We parked and were walking along
Georgetown Road when four F-22 Raptors flew

I got the same great four tickets that I had last year,
but I ended up giving them to a family from New
Mexico who were attending their first Indy 500.  
Marlboro had sent me a offer in the mail for two
free tickets.  Since there were only two of us, we
decided to take them up on their offer.  

After parking, we walked a long way and found the
Penske Marlboro tent.   I was carrying a lawn chair
as I figured they would give us general admission
tickets, but they gave us seats up high in the middle
There had evidently been a lot of rain in the
morning, but they got the race started on time.  
There was concern that another rain cloud
would blow in during the day.  If the rain stops
the race before lap 101, and it is not possible
to restart the race that day, it will be ran on the
following day.

After we passed the half-way point, it began
raining.  Tony Kanaan, who very much
deserves to win the 500, was leading.  
Behind him was Danica Patrick and Marco
Andretti in 2nd and 3rd.  If the race was over,
then this would be a very popular end.

People pulled out their umbrellas and ponchos
and most everyone left the stands.  I setup my
lawnchair underneath the stands, out of the rain.  
It looked like everyone was leaving, but ET and
I stayed to see if the race would be restarted.

It stopped raining after an hour or so.  I ventured
over to the food court, and got flashed by a good
looking girl who I assume was drunk.

ET and I went and sat in the handicap area and
watched them dry the track - red trucks rolling
around as well as jet-dryers.

People started coming back to the stands.  I
thought everyone had left, but as the race re-
start neared, I was surprised to see most
people return.  

I spotted some empty seats up high in section
1 of the NW Vista, so we decided to go there
to watch the restart.  These seats are awesome.  
(I noticed that if you are in seats 16-20, you are
right up against a fence, which I would not have

The race got under way about 3 hours after it
was stopped by rain.  We saw some crashes
of drivers coming out of turn 4.

We got to about lap 166, when another rain
storm blew in hard.  The Indycars had to make
a few laps at very slow speed in what looked
like an inch or two of water.

As luck would have it, the drivers who looked
like they might win, had pitted or crashed, and
the guys with a different pit strategy finished at
the top - Winner Dario Franchitti and 2nd
place Scott Dixon.  Tony Kanaan finished
12th, Danica finished 8th and Marco was in
a wicked crash that sent him upside down on
the back straight.  Fortunately he was ok.

We had no rain protection with us.  We stood
under the NW Vista deck out of the rain until the
yellow shirts kicked us out.  I set up my lawn
chair under the bleachers and watched people
leave.  We waited around a few hours until
everyone was gone and the traffic had
disappeared, before we left.  I didn't get home
until 9 pm.   It was a fun day despite the rain.
View of trucks drying the track from the
North Vista Handicap seating.
Behind the Miller Lite Party Deck - Volleyball and a giant hot tub.  How do I get into that?!
Tony Kanaan is sent into a wild spin
toward the inside wall - he managed
to hang on and miss the wall by inches!
The rain returns...
Dario Franchitti, the eventual winner
of the North Vista.  They also gave me a gift bag
that contained a pair of Bushnell binoculars among
other things.  Very nice!

By the time we got to our seats, we'd missed the
start.   We were in Section 43 Row Z.  Evidently
Marlboro gave away all the tickets around us
because everyone was smoking.

When sitting in the North Vista, you can see the
cars entering Turn 3 and Turn 4, however you
can't see them as they go by because they are
up by the wall.  Down along the edge of the race
is wheelchair seating.  You are as close to an
IndyCar there as you are going to get anywhere.  
It's really loud and exciting down there.

Panaramic Photo I took from North Vista