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* $50 per person for round trip bus ticket.  
    You will be given a wrist band that you must have to board the bus at the end of the day.
    All shuttle customers, regardless of age must hold a shuttle pass in order to ride.

* Depending where you park your car, there is a cash parking fee:
  - $10 (Cash ONLY) to park at Airport garage.  (Your hotel may offer free shuttle ride to Airport.)
  - $15 (Cash or Credit) to park downtown at
Gate Ten Events & Parking.

* Purchase tickets from the
Speedway's Web Site
Take a Bus to the Speedway on Race Day
Gate Ten Events & Parking
315 W McCarty St
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Located behind (south of) Lucas
Oil Stadium on the south side of
downtown. 6 Miles from Speedway.
Indianapolis International Airport
Ground Transportation Center - Level 1 of Garage
7800 Col H Weir Cook Memorial Dr
Indianapolis, IN, 46241

12 Miles from Speedway.
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You can take a shuttle bus on race day to the speedway to avoid parking hassles.
The bus will drop you off across from Gate 2 on 16th Street.

There are two PICK-UP Locations:
2022 PRICE
* Buses are equipped with air conditioning.

* Buses are ADA accessible

* You can bring anything with you that the speedway will allow in, such as coolers.  
     Items will be stored in the bus cargo containers.  
     You cannot leave any of your items on the bus.

* The buses will deliver people to the speedway between 7:00 am - 12:00pm

* The buses will begin taking people back to their cars when there are 50 miles left in the race.
They will continue running for 2 hours after the race ends.
Shuttle Bus Boarding After 2016 Indy 500