The Corner 7 Stand is a temporary stand used for Road Course races.  
It is located at the south end of the back straight in the infield.

Aluminum stands with no back rests.

Corner 7 Stand offers clear views of turns 7 & 8.

If you are on the top row or far east side of the stand, you can look
behind at turns 9 & 10.

The western side of the top row can turn around and see turns 12 & 13

A temporary TV is placed across the course above a viewing hill.

There are 3 sections.  Section 1 is on the east side of the stand.
Section 1 and 3 contain 10 seats per row.
Section 2, in the middle, contains 28 seats.

Rows run from A (at the bottom) to Z.
Corner 7 Stand
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Corner 7 Stand
Views from Corner 5 Stand
Views from Corner 7 Stand
View Behind Top Row Corner 7 Stand Section 3
Fans to the east or top row of stand can view turns 9 & 10
Photo-journals from when I sat in these stands:

INDYCAR GRAND PRIX -  2014  ,  2017  ,