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Do you keep your ticket stubs after you attend an event?

I have kept mine in a shoebox.

Many years ago, I took some race tickets and pasted them
on a piece of paper and framed them:
Over time, my shoebox was filling up and I had too many tickets to frame
them all.  Being in the shoebox, I never looked at them or showed them to

I happen to collect old Indy 500 post cards which I keep in a 3-ring binder.
I had found plastic page protectors that hold three normal sized (4" x 6")
post cards per page.
The Ultra-Pro 3-pocket (4x6) that I used the most.  
They cost me $7.50 for 25 sheets.
They are archival quality, PVC and acid free.
I also used the ABLY 540 Trading Card Page Sleeves.
They cost me $7 for 30 pages.
Each pocket is 2.6" x 3.6" (67mm x 92mm).
Examples From My Race Ticket Binder
I also bought a 4-pack of 1.5" wide 3-ring binders for $15 off of eBay.

I plan to store my concert ticket stubs using this same method.

I also tried it with my racing patches.  See below.
For those, I used the 4-pocket sheets.
The Plastic Sheets I Used
I borrowed that idea to use for my race tickets and it worked well.  It is
an inexpensive and easy way to get your tickets out of that shoebox!

While the pockets do not completely enclose the tall Indy 500 tickets, it
at least holds, protects and displays them, which is good enough for me.

I also had lots of little ticket stubs.  I used plastic page protectors
designed for trading cards to hold those.  They have 9 pockets per page.

Other sizes are available too, such as a sheet with 4 pockets for 3.5" x
5.25" photographs. And, of course, you can get ones that hold an entire
sheet of paper.

I had many sizes and shapes of tickets.  I was surprised that I was able
to display every single one of them!
What is the point of collecting things with no intrinsic value,
if you are not able to display them?
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