Choosing to buy your tickets from the Speedway
directly is the safest method.

Buying from a reputable ticket broker is a safe method
also.  You will pay more, but will get to see exactly what  
tickets you are buying.  

Buying from individuals selling on eBay or other places is
where you might run into a problem.

Con-men have two basic tricks to rip off ticket buyers.

1) They sell counterfeit tickets.  This is rarely a problem
at the Indinanapolis Motor Speedway.  The tickets are
large and the use of foil and cutouts are some of the
methods used to combat illegal copies.  

Each year I post photos of what the tickets should look
2) Con-men will take your money and send you nothing.

First off, if you can meet the seller in person, obviously do that.  (But not in any dark alleys!)

Usually though, you cannot meet the person because they are not coming to the race or
because you both are too busy to try and meet up during race weekend.

There are not many good reasons for a buyer to send payment to a stranger and to be the one
who has to shoulder the entire burden of trust.  It seems though that in this age of eBay, sellers
tend to expect that.  

Fortunately there is a method available that is safe for the buyer, as well as the seller.

I recommend that the seller mail the tickets at the post office "Certified Mail".
It is like sending something C.O.D.  Here is how it works:

The seller goes to the post office with his tickets sandwiched in some cardboard so that they
don't get bent.    
The seller pays the post office approx. a $10 fee for mailing this envelope "Certified Mail" to
the buyer.  More often than not, the price of the tickets goes up $10.
The seller specifies whether he will accept personal checks.  If not, the post office will get him
a money order.
The seller also tells the post office how long to try and deliver the tickets before giving up and
returning them to him.
The post man delivers the tickets to the door of the buyer.
The buyer pays the the post man and gets the tickets.
The postman accepts cash, money orders and personal checks (if the seller accepts.)
If the buyer presents cash, he'll be charged an additional 80 cents.  This charge is for
converting the cash to a money order.

NOTE:  It may be a good idea to have the tickets sent to the buyer's work address if no one is
home during the day.

If the postal worker cannot deliver the tickets, the tickets will have to be picked up at the post

If the package is not picked up within 30 days, it will be sent back to the seller.
If the seller specified a shorter time frame, then the tickets will be sent back sooner.
(If the race date is near, the seller will want his tickets back ASAP so that he has time to try and
sell them again.)

After the mailman picks up your money, he will mail it to you along with the receipt you signed
when you sent it.

I think this method is the safest for both buyer and seller.

If you choose to ignore this method, other payment options are to send a check, money order
or to pay through Paypal.  Perhaps getting the persons phone number and work phone and
checking them might help you determine if you can trust someone.

I recommend NOT wiring money, like through Western Union.  Also say no to any strange
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