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Why a Suite?

Suites are high, above the stands, that offer a great view of the track.

They have their own nice bathrooms.

The wall facing the track is all shaded glass.

There are stadium seats, outside, in front of the suite for you.

Food and Drink!  Suites are catered.

Suites are Air Conditioned!

Elevators get  you up to the tallest suites.

Suites come with garage and pit passes!

Closed Circuit TVs
Traditionally, suites are rented out by companies for entertaining their guests.

Beginning in 2016, There are suites above Stand C called the Hulman
Terrace Club.  Individual tickets are sold for this club and are good for
most events
at the motor speedway.
Other Suites
Now Individuals Can Get In A Suite!
Hulman Terrace Club
At the Hulman Terrace Club, you can sit indoors with
monitors showing what's happening on the track,
out of the sun and in air-conditioning.
Gasoline Alley Suites give guests an up-close-and-
personal view of pit road and the main straightaway of the
racetrack. This space is perfect for smaller, more intimate
events.  2,246 Square Feet

Main Straight Suite Club - If your group of guests is too
small for a private suite, but still deserves first-class
accommodations, head straight here. The Main Straight
Suite Club offers a stunning view of the exciting front
straightaway, all within a fully catered and tasteful

Turn 2 VIP Suites - Take your guests’ breath away with
a stunning view from this suite’s private balcony just a few
feet from the track outside Turn 2. You also have the
opportunity to design the look and feel of your suite to
make the occasion special. Year-round access is an
option as well.

Tower Terrace Suites - When you step into these private,
luxury suites just north of the Yard of Bricks along Pit Row,
you’re stepping into a lifetime of memories. With two
private restrooms and stadium-style seating, you’ll love the
intimate setting as well as the outstanding views.

Hulman Terrace Suites - Get your guests as close to
iconic Turn 4 as possible without sacrificing luxury in these
suites, located outside the oval. With two private restrooms
and stadium-style seating, you’ll love the intimate setting as
well as the outstanding views.

Indy 500 Club - The month of May now belongs to you and
your guests with a fully catered luxury suite and unique
package of exclusive yet affordable events. Your group will
be amazed when you give them access to premium
amenities and entertainment, from Pit access to Infield
Parking to Race Day Police Escort and more.

Brickyard Club - Share a premium experience with your
guests that’s also affordable for you. The Brickyard Club is
fully catered and located in the center of the action with
great views and race festivities all within reach.
To purchase a Suite Package at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway contact
Premium Services team at (317) 492-8739 or by email at
Or, sit outside
Threre is this large bar outside, as well as smaller
bars inside.  

Better liquor is available here than elsewhere on the

Unlike other suites, you have to pay for food and

drink here!
Above is a beef tenderloin food station I saw in 2016.
y had a nachos food station among other things.  
food here is better than I've ever found elsewhere
at the speedway.  
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